Interviews of selection for a Sales Manager can be difficult, above all when the role foresees questions and answers with people that can use techniques of persuasion and direct sale. These characteristics can be very positive, but during the interview it is necessary to investigate deeply about the experience and the attitude of the candidate.

Which are the questions that a responsible HR should ask to individualize the correct profile of the sales manager that the firm is looking for?

We have selected 4 questions in degree to break the standard scheme of the interview. To manage the uncertainty and the speed of reaction are in fact two useful elements to avoid a discussion on generic question-answers. This allows to create the most correct tools to facilitate the insertion in the team of job and in the daily management of the activity of sale.

Firms with a formalized process of sale, get a 28% increase in business (Source: Harvard Business Review)

We see some questions matter to set to the candidates.

What does it motivate your job in the department sales?

Engagement level, involvement, is an enormous problem in all the firms. According to Gallup, only 30% of the American workers is involved and motivated in his/her own job. To know the main motivation of the candidates to the sales can help you to choose a person that will suit for your team and your culture in an effective and fast way.

Sales people pass the 32% of their time in activity of sale, the rest in managing other activities (Source: Docurated)

How can you make the daily notebook of the sellers more efficient? You can use gamification : the sales manager has a simple tool to use, rich of information and suit; it is in constant updating and gives the data you need.

45% of the teams of sale set the guilt of missed attainment of the targets to excessive administrative assignments, that hinder their productivity (Source: SalesForce)

To know the motivating points and to have an available tool on his/her smartphone will allow the seller to build the proper engagement toward the firm in a motivating trial.

Sales manager interview Whappy

How do you keep your data and agenda adjourned?

The times of the papery reports, of the monthly accounts and of the endless reunions are quickly becoming past history. Today information travel quickly, with logical omnichannel and facility management. The representatives of sale must be able to actively seek and to remain adjourned with the news and the tendencies of the market.

This question is very important points if the candidate comes from from a different sector. The way he manages the information and the novelties is a crucial point of the future performance.
The data management is defined as “the oil of the future.” Up-to-date people in the team of sale is already a winning element for the virtuous firms. How to do for strengthening their performance? Our solutions of mobile apps of gamification allow to up-to-date information in real-time on the market, the net sale, lead generation and KPI related to every sales manager. The single dashboards allow a constant alignment between efforts and performance.

How do you use the social media in your process of sale?

Social media have an important role in the process of sale, from the search of the leads to the construction of relationships. To select a candidate that knowsthese tools in professional way is a notable advantage. If, besides not using them, he says: “I’ve done this job for 20 years”, it’s better to make him read one article of ours.

Sales managers with an elevated activity on the social media reach a 45% more of commercial opportunities and they have the 51% of possibility more to reach the objectives. (Source: Linkedin Business)

The management of the lead generation and of the funnel sales has a primary importance in the commercial negotiations. To use the data from the social media can furnish necessary elements to close a negotiation in a winning way. The selection of the useful data can be done using an only mobile tool of gamification, that allows a quick selection and a fast decision.

When do you stop following a potential client?

They often ask how the sellers find their leads. The aim of the firm is to make them clients. The ability of the seller to close positively the commercial negotiations is the true business resource.
To clarify the profile (aggressive and persistent or renouncer) can be useful to outline a candidate.
To murture a lead through the different phases of the funnel of sale makes a complete and accurate management of the necessary information.

In Whappy we have supported very articulated nets of sale with different levels of responsibility. This has brought us to create a tool that constantly allows the sellers to own all the information they need and to the supervisors to check the sales.

These 4 questions are very important:

1. Motivation
2. Updating
3. Digital tools
4. Funnel of sale

They are the elements that a good sales manager must be able to manage. The attainment of the commercial targets passes through these points.
In our experience we have seen how sales motivated manager have reached unbelievable results thanks to easy,motivating and rich in information tool.
The gamification approach in the sale increases the productivity of the sellers, maintains an elevate performance and creates a strong engagement in the people.

Digitalization of the enterprises allows to start the adoption of tools and applications of the new era; associating the technological potentiality with the gamification, today it is possible to make to emerge the soft skills of the single ones. It deals with characteristics that automatically are measured thanks to digital tools that allow to understand attitudes, abilities and resistances of every individual immediately.