The first store contest based on the freshly released gamification app for BATA ended on the last May 22. The first results are truly exciting:

– double digit compared KPIs increasing
-double digit revenue growth (indexed)
saving up to 50% of the time for internal processes to the store
1,100 engaged employees between vendors and store managers
230 stores
92% adoption rate on sessions spent between role play, lead generation and social activity

This project, already successfully tested with BATA Italia, has now been exported in the Asian market, precisely in Malaysia.
In this particular case, we’re talking about an app developed to launch a new incentive campaign designed for the sales team. The goal is to support the salespersons and increase their productivity.

For BATA Malaysia, as well as for BATA Italia, the gamification tools play a key role in optimizing the different processes: the training of the staff, its motivation and the use of social networks. This is possible through badges that can be obtained through the achievement of specific KPIs, the performance indicators. The single salesperson is able to get the rewards because he/she is constantly engaged in the game and is able to verify in real time his/her results on the app.
In this way the salesperson becomes the real protagonist.

What happens is a digital conversion of the sales team of traditional retails. Seeing the results the company easily understand the potential of digitization and can start to invest in human resources, which remain the key point also for the future digital model of retails.

Through gamification the daily work becomes much easier and pleasant.
In the case of BATA, the sales team is divided into levels: store managers, sellers, part time employees. Through the app all these operators can not only check their progress but also be in direct contact with the decision makers, promptly recapturing their guidelines. They can also learn new techniques through the “augmented” sales experience.

In short, the app allows to consolidate day by day a wide range of activities, invites the different workgroups to relate with each others, and supports the team building. That’s the new frontier of gamification!