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Are you a consultant, an agency or a software integrator? Create your projects with us! We support you in the development, customization and implementation of proprietary solutions to ensure the success of your business and your customers.

Become a Whappy partner

If you want to raise the level of your projects, you cannot ignore the specialization in technology!

If you are here it is because you are aware that you can no longer ignore specialized technological support, you want to update your organization by adapting it to modern times to make it grow faster, ensure your customers the achievement of their goals by overcoming any implementation and adoption barrier thanks to a single technological partner specialized in gamification, the motivational framework that guarantees the usability of each technology.

The Whappy Partner Programs are selected for their skills, experience and specific ability to provide innovative specialized solutions and services, thus responding to new market needs. Join the growing number of partners by increasing the profitability of your customers and implementing new, more competitive processes, rehabilitate your skills by bringing digital transformation to organizations with the certainty of delivery and results.

The Whappy Partner Program was designed with the will to help our partners increase the value of their business and increase profitability in their respective reference markets through the application solutions proposed by Whappy gamification platform.

Diventa un partner Whappygamification platform
diventa un partner Whappy

What’s your business model?


If you are an independent vendor, Whappy’s solutions will allow you to access processes and functions already set up for the infrastructures and ecosystems you manage. Ask us for the documentation and check our API’s SET to understand how we can create value for your reality.


If you are a reseller and you deal with CRM and CEM you can use whappy to integrate pre-existing projects and infrastructures and bring further value to your work by increasing its profitability and competitiveness. Ask for our API’s SET, you will be amazed at the flexibility.


If you are a consultant or a content developer you can use the platform and acquire a totally new area of domain and competitive relevance. Ask for a demo to see the functions and flexibility of our platform, you will discover the possibility of significantly increasing the strategic dimension of your projects. Ask for a demo.

Find out, based on your role, how to increase the value of your business exponentially for the benefit of your customers.

Marketing Manager

Find out, based on your role, how to increase the value of your business exponentially for the benefit of your customers.

Marketing Manager

Why keep looking for technology platforms to implement your projects when they never fit your needs? do not invent the wheel what you are looking for for your customers is already there!

Try one of our solutions:

  • HR & HCM
  • E-Leraning & Training
  • Performance management
  • Sale & Lead generation
  • People analytics
  • Employee workforce management
  • Social employee ambassador
  • Benefit & Rewarding

Fill out the form and download our deck to find out how to become a whappy partner.

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We increase the value of your skills by enabling them to another standard

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Whappy’s partner program is aimed at consulting, HR, marketing or technology integrators agencies that have the arduous task of driving digital transformation in organizations and at the same time guaranteeing results.

No matter what industry you operate in, if you want to accelerate your growth and that of the customers you follow, you have to continually face technological problems or live with technical intrusions that can get out of your control.

Solve this problem with a single solution, become a Whappy partner to access a new world of opportunities.

We ensure the delivery of all your turnkey projects, in record time and with the certain guarantee of adoption.

Create your partner program

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Increase in revenue

Gain a new source of income simply by guiding your customers to success. We guarantee you revenue for activated licenses and additional integrated features. Market growth will work for you.

Diventa un partner Whappy gamification platform con assistenza e supporto marketing di primo livello

Co-Marketing Operations & ADS

Choose to access our resources, tools and working methods to organize webinars, training courses, case history analyzes and perform up and cross selling actions on your customers more easily. You too can become an innovative best case in your industry.

Diventa un partner Whappy gamification platform con tempi da record di onboarding dei clienti e inizio revenue delle licenze

Immediately new customers for you

You continuously receive new customers from our network, leads generated by Whappy who, in order to respond to specific requests, will actively report you based on your specialization developed in the use of the platform.

Diventa un partner Whappygamification platform

Co-Design thinking

Choose to increase your impact on your customers by directly involving us in projects. You will have the advantage of presenting your customers with a ready-made and validated solution through agile PoCs and assessments capable of concretely transforming your project in a short time.

Diventa un partner Whappy gamification platform

Personal framework business model

Choose to customize your platform with your proprietary solution to manage it in complete autonomy for your customers, integrating new modules and features when necessary.

Diventa un partner Whappy gamification platform con la corretta compliance

GDPR & compliance

Choose to solve with a single cloud solution the management of problems related to infratechnological compliance, security and GDPR , you will get a system with a modular structure capable of responding to your needs and evolving with your customers with first-rate assistance and response times level (SLA).

Become a Whappy partner

The advantages of our working method

Become a Whappy partner

The opinions of Whappy partners

“We have been active in HR consulting for years. We have used Whappy to digitize part of our processes talent management, career paths and productivity management. These gamification solutions effectively redefine a new standard for the HR industry. For us Whappy is not just a supplier, it is a partner with whom we have built a path of awareness and technology. ”

Ugo D’albertoCEO Co-founder – Fattoria Dei Talenti

“Whappy is more than just a developer API system. The platform offers us tangible advantages in the provision and distribution of HR services for the management of the sales force , expanding our customer base. I can safely say that in all circumstances Whappy has allowed us to involve our customers and work teams with exceptional delivery times and implementation of projects. ”

Antonio CostantiniTechnical Director – Hi Skill

“We appreciated the ease in learning the latest innovations in the field of technology platforms and we created a version for the management of employee social advocacy based on gamification . We are constantly able, thanks to Whappy, to propose new solutions for the management of social media and omnichannel to our customers and implement them in an agile way all the processes related to brand awareness and management of conversations. The contribution he made to the projects was highly appreciated for the utmost attention to detail and this qualifies it, in my view, as the best Italian gamification platform. ”

RIccardo BonettoIT Manager and digital strategist at Site by Site

When we began to imagine the evolution of the HR areas of our client companies through a people management platform that would allow the digitization of HR processes with a greater impact on engagement.

Whappy has allowed us to make a paradigm leap: HR processes that generate engagement in personnel because they are conveyed through a digital tool that enhances and integrates the characteristics of human communication. HR processes that are made understandable, usable, fun and effective through a wise use of enterprise gamification mechanics, to further strengthen those cognitive-behavioral mechanisms that have allowed mankind to learn and evolve over the centuries.

Fabrizio Pontrelli – People’s CEO