HR trends 2024, learn about the future of HR and the role of the HR manager

7 February, 2024|

HR Trends 2024: The Evolution of the World of HR, from HRM, HCM to HRMS to HXM and the New Opportunities for HR Managers HR trends 2024. In this article, we [...]

Toxic Work Environment: Techniques and tools to deal with it

24 January, 2024|

Toxic work environment, find out how to recognize it with killer phrases and how to eliminate it with a cultural and mindset change Toxic Work Environment, are [...]

Workforce management: how to manage employee operations and productivity

16 January, 2024|

Learn what workforce management is, how it works, and how next-generation software platforms are already impacting the marketplace In the modern business landscape, Workforce Management (WFM) has assumed a crucial role. [...]

Retail Gamification: What it is, how it works and how to use it in stores

24 November, 2023|

Retail Gamification: How does the motivational framework now used by many retail businesses and outlets work? In recent years, characterized by a strong drive for innovation, Several methodologies for change management [...]

Execution is Everything, discover the real competitive key in innovation

21 November, 2023|

Execution and Delivery and the crucial role for digital innovation. Find out here what execution is, how to manage it properly and plan for it in all its steps, in this [...]

Sales Gamification: 10 Examples to boost sales network performance

25 September, 2023|

Sales Gamification, discover with concrete examples, mechanics and feedback management processes how to positively impact sales using the motivational framework of Gamification From training programs to onboarding processes to incentives and performance management [...]

Performance management and gamification, changing the productivity paradigm!

23 July, 2023|

Performance management what is it and why through Gamification can it yield extraordinary results? Learn how managers and employees can be incentivized to perform out of the ordinary [...]

Employee onboarding, the ultimate guide for HR managers

16 July, 2023|

Why an employee onboarding guide? Onboarding is a key element in ensuring a smooth transition and facilitating the integration of new hires into the company. It is critical to [...]

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