Social media and gamification: how to improve employees’ engagement in the companies of the future

12 February, 2019|

When did you last check your Instagram and Facebook accounts? Let's face it: on average we spend 5 years of our life on social media. It is more than the total time we dedicate to [...]

Startup and growth hacking: are these the keywords for the digitalisation of Italian companies?

5 February, 2019|

The startup environment and the use of innovative techniques, such as growth hacking, are often considered to be the solution to the problem of the low level of digitalisation of Italian companies. In particular, one [...]

Gamification and customer engagement: how to redesign retail 5.0 for the future

29 January, 2019|

Technology plays an important role in our daily lives. Nowadays we are all constantly connected, thanks to different kinds of devices: the use of smartphones, tablets and personal computers means we are online almost 24 [...]