SaaS: pros and cons. Integrated platform or plug-and-play solutions?

6 December, 2018|

The rising importance of the internet allowed the creation of many “Software as a Service” products, also known by the acronym SaaS or as software on-demand. It is a way of providing software applications to [...]

How to use Social Media to improve Customer Engagement while offline

30 November, 2018|

Social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram) are the gateway to millions of people (and potential customers) in every single moment. No matter if your company offers 4.0-services, rather than mechanical parts, you cannot [...]

Gamification in the Workplace: How to Increase Productivity and Engagement

18 October, 2018|

Using gamification in work contexts is one of the most powerful tools that human resources leaders could manage today. The use of technology allows the combination of digital game design and human psychology, allowing business [...]

3 Succesful charateristics of Gamifications Apps for Marketing Projects

8 October, 2018|

Technological development can furnish enormous benefits to marketing projects. Tools and opportunities are becoming more and more available in form of apps, making information and data downloadable in real time and an efficient way. Apps [...]