Performance management and gamification, changing the productivity paradigm!

Performance management what is it and why through Gamification can it yield extraordinary results? Learn how managers and employees can be incentivized to perform out of the ordinary through a motivational framework capable of creating total engagement if not outright addiction. The constantly evolving world of work requires [...]

Employee onboarding, the ultimate guide for HR managers

Why an employee onboarding guide? Onboarding is a key element in ensuring a smooth transition and facilitating the integration of new hires into the company. It is critical to recognize that there is never a second chance to make a good first impression. This principle also applies to onboarding [...]

Discover the impact of artificial intelligence in corporate training and continuous improvement

Artificial intelligence in corporate training (AI) has in recent years assumed an increasingly important role within organizations and companies of all sizes. Thanks to its ability to automate and simplify processes, both simple and complex ones, AI has become a fundamental element in the panorama of corporate innovation from [...]

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