Sales Gamification: 10 Examples to boost sales network performance

Sales Gamification, discover with concrete examples, mechanics and feedback management processes how to positively impact sales using the motivational framework of Gamification From training programs to onboarding processes to incentives and performance management for sales network agents, Gamification today has become fundamental to sales network management by offering extraordinary opportunities for salesperson engagement [...]

Performance management and gamification, changing the productivity paradigm!

Performance management what is it and why through Gamification can it yield extraordinary results? Learn how managers and employees can be incentivized to perform out of the ordinary through a motivational framework capable of creating total engagement if not outright addiction. The constantly evolving world of work requires [...]

Team Coaching: Why it improves the performance of your employees

Team coaching is an increasingly popular practice in the world of work, as its potential to improve employee performance and promote effective collaboration within teams has been recognized. In this article, we will delve into the concept of team coaching, exploring its meaning, benefits, and reasons why you should [...]

How to manage feedback with employees, discover the ultimate guide from assessment to continuous improvement

How to deal with feedback management with employees? This definitive guide will take you through a journey of discovery on the power and importance of feedback in business performance management. We will explore how managing feedback can positively influence employee performance, promote engagement, and stimulate continuous improvement. We will [...]

How to improve employee productivity

What is meant by productivity and how to improve it How to improve employee productivity.?Employee productivity refers to the amount of work an employee does compared to the amount of time spent on it. It can be measured and improved in terms of output per hour, day or week, or in terms [...]

How to Create a Successful Incentive Program: 10 Rules for Managers, Salespeople and Employees

How to Create a Successful Incentive Program: 10 Rules for Managers, Salespeople and Employees A company's success depends largely on the commitment and motivation of its managers, salespeople and employees. A well-designed incentive program can play a crucial role in keeping motivation high and fostering excellent results . In this article, titled [...]

OKR VS KPI: methods and tools for a successful performance management project

What is performance management Performance management is a fundamental process for companies that aim to improve the performance of their employees and increase the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the organization. This process involves identifying clear and measurable goals, regularly analyzing and evaluating individual and collective performance, and establishing [...]

Performance management, how to improve employee productivity

Performance management is a systematic process used to monitor and improve the performance of employees within an organization. It consists of several stages, including. goal setting, performance evaluation, training and skills management. Performance management aims to create a culture of excellence and develop employees' skills, thus improving their efficiency and their ability [...]

How to Conduct Employee Evaluations Effectively

Our friend Matteo works in the Marketing Department of a large company, he always arrives on time and leaves the office at the end of the day, he delivers the statistical reports according to pre-established deadlines and always respects the budget allocated for promotions, often saving money compared to what was budgeted. With these data [...]

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