HR trends 2024, learn about the future of HR and the role of the HR manager

HR Trends 2024: The Evolution of the World of HR, from HRM, HCM to HRMS to HXM and the New Opportunities for HR Managers HR trends 2024. In this article, we will explore emerging trends in HR Management for the year 2024. We will dive into the new trends that are [...]

Toxic Work Environment: Techniques and tools to deal with it

Toxic work environment, find out how to recognize it with killer phrases and how to eliminate it with a cultural and mindset change Toxic Work Environment, are you concerned that your work environment may be turning into a negative and confrontational space? Would you like to understand [...]

Workforce management: how to manage employee operations and productivity

Learn what workforce management is, how it works, and how next-generation software platforms are already impacting the marketplace In the modern business landscape, Workforce Management (WFM) has assumed a crucial role. Traditionally focused on optimizing human resources, the advent of digitization has transformed WFM into a key strategic tool. With the [...]

Sales Gamification: 10 Examples to boost sales network performance

Sales Gamification, discover with concrete examples, mechanics and feedback management processes how to positively impact sales using the motivational framework of Gamification From training programs to onboarding processes to incentives and performance management for sales network agents, Gamification today has become fundamental to sales network management by offering extraordinary opportunities for salesperson engagement [...]

Performance management and gamification, changing the productivity paradigm!

Performance management what is it and why through Gamification can it yield extraordinary results? Learn how managers and employees can be incentivized to perform out of the ordinary through a motivational framework capable of creating total engagement if not outright addiction. The constantly evolving world of work requires [...]

NFT, Retail and Loyalty: the revolution that is transforming promotions and retail

NFT, the new bargaining chip in the retail world NFT, Retail and Loyalty: the revolution that is transforming promotions and retail. In recent years, the use of blockchain and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) has revolutionized the retail world, creating new opportunities to improve the customer experience and increase sales. Companies are using blockchain [...]

Performance management: next-generation software platforms for HR and sales managers

Performance Management: Discover the top 8 next-generation software platforms for HR and Sales Managers Performance Management: software platforms are now to be considered a key component of an organization's success, as they involve assessing and optimizing employee performance to achieve business goals. True performance management, however, goes beyond a simple annual performance [...]

How to improve employee productivity

What is meant by productivity and how to improve it How to improve employee productivity.?Employee productivity refers to the amount of work an employee does compared to the amount of time spent on it. It can be measured and improved in terms of output per hour, day or week, or in terms [...]

How to build an excellent employee experience: the fundamentals of employee centricity

What is meant by employee centricity Employee centricity is a business philosophy that focuses on employee satisfaction and well-being as a key factor for organizational success and is based on a few but essential pillars that must necessarily be present in the employee experience. Included in the employee experience should be the [...]

How to engage employees to increase productivity: comprehensive guide for managers

To achieve success in running a business, it is essential to understand how to engage employees. A leader who knows the passion of his employees for work, it has a competitive advantage. As a manager, it is important that employees take pride in their work and the company they work for. Working [...]

OKR VS KPI: methods and tools for a successful performance management project

What is performance management Performance management is a fundamental process for companies that aim to improve the performance of their employees and increase the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the organization. This process involves identifying clear and measurable goals, regularly analyzing and evaluating individual and collective performance, and establishing [...]

The future of loyalty programs in the age of AI, new scenarios and opportunities

Loyalty programs are one of the most effective strategies for retaining an organization's customers, employees, and stakeholders and increasing companies' revenue, but how will the future of loyalty programs evolve in the future thanks to AI? What will be the new scenarios and opportunities? Using artificial intelligence (AI) and gamification in a [...]

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