Sales Gamification: 10 Examples to boost sales network performance

Sales Gamification, discover with concrete examples, mechanics and feedback management processes how to positively impact sales using the motivational framework of Gamification From training programs to onboarding processes to incentives and performance management for sales network agents, Gamification today has become fundamental to sales network management by offering extraordinary opportunities for salesperson engagement [...]

Tips for increasing your network sales, 8 tips to ensure your success in a competitive marketplace

Tips for increasing your network sales with 8 key tips Tips for increasing sales? In an already highly competitive market, the advent of technology has further increased the acceleration of commerce and made it even more crucial for companies to sell to thus cope with an increasingly uncertain scenario difront of rising [...]

Performance management: next-generation software platforms for HR and sales managers

Performance Management: Discover the top 8 next-generation software platforms for HR and Sales Managers Performance Management: software platforms are now to be considered a key component of an organization's success, as they involve assessing and optimizing employee performance to achieve business goals. True performance management, however, goes beyond a simple annual performance [...]

How to rethink the sales network in the modern times imposed by the web?

There is no doubt, the sales network cannot function as it used to, whether it is direct sales network, network marketing or multi-level marketing the market has now changed profoundly, now is the time to rethink the direct sales network. In fact, direct selling has in recent years undergone a revolutionary impact [...]

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