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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation, literally “digital transformation” is the integration of digital technology in all areas of a company. With the adoption of digital transformation, the way of operating and providing value to the customer changes radically.

A deeper change than you think, that it also touches on the cultural aspect , as it requires organizations to to continually challenge the status quo, to experiment without pauses with the risk of failure and in that case, to feel comfortable in failure to analyze the results, understand the errors and be able to improve the experiment to turn it into success.

It is very difficult to give a more specific definition because digital transformation has a different aspect for every company.

Especially for companies that have been on the market for a long time, applying digital transformation means moving away from established business processes and driving change.

Digital transformation, from best practice to necessity

How important is it and why is it necessary to face the digital transformation process for a company? According to Greg Verdino , “only through digitalization can we bridge the gap between what the digital customer expects and what analogue companies can offer”.

As anticipated, it is often not a choice, but the only way to survive in a dynamic, flexible and constantly evolving market in which customers are increasingly demanding. Companies are at different stages on the journey to digitization, but speed has become an imperative for everyone .

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