Digitalization has significantly changed the world of work in the past few decades. It has an incredible influence on how people interact, how they work and life habits. However, companies today need to have a firm grasp on how to utilize the digital universe to maximize their brand awareness and impact, but the big question is what is the best approach that businesses could deploy to achieve all these? Here’s how gamification comes into play.

Many companies all over the world have moved to gamification for the answer. Companies are now using gaming mechanics such as levels, badges, and leaderboards to boost productivity, engage employees and drive business success. In this post, we’ll take a look at how and why Gamification Works Well in Business and ways gamification can accelerate businesses digital transformation.

How Gamification Works in Business

Gamification is one of the most promising solutions for business to overcome the challenge and ensure productivity. The idea is to convert the business activities into games in an assertive manner. It does not change the work responsibilities but adds fun to the way of doing things.

Gamification creates new ways to extend relationships, engagement, drive customer, craft longer-term and employee loyalty. Gamification only works when it motivates your employees to do something in the right way. However, it’s crucial to have a basic understanding of where the motivation comes from to curb bad habits and promoting better behavior. Every company, organization or business of any kind must employ Gamification to reach their best potential, engaged and motivated to help their business grow and succeed.

Ways Gamification Can Accelerate Businesses Digital Transformation

Gamification is becoming a force in businesses, and more and more companies are integrating game elements into their marketing strategy, but you may be wondering whether it is necessary for your company. In this section, we’re going to explain at least four reasons why gamification is perfect for your business.

1. It encourages promotional opportunities

There are millions of ways to use gamification to promote your products and services, whether it’s highlighting old products, pairing with new products, or encouraging purchases through sales and discounts. Let’s take a look at the United States Army’s recruitment game to get a better idea of what this looks like.

The U.S. Army released its first-ever game in 2002 “America’s Army” to attract recruits. This game is a first-person shooter, which enables users to navigate advanced Army maneuvers at the same time gaining insight into the demands of life as a soldier. This game has continued to be the Army’s number one tool for recruitment and attracted millions of recruits.

2. It is key to customer engagement

According to M2 Research, when gamification is applied correctly, it can lead to a 100% to 150% increase in engagement metrics including page views, unique views, community activities, and time spent on site.

The research also recommends including essential elements of any great game: strategy, creativity, communication, and rewards. These techniques will attract your audience towards your brand leading to more exposure and reach.

3. It may increase your marketing ROI

Gamified ads will not replace traditional “static” ads, but they can be a great add-on to your marketing campaigns. Although more businesses are integrating game techniques into their marketing strategy, and they are reaching higher ROI.

One of the world most renowned gamification expertsYu-Kai Chou has gathered 90 stunning cases of gamification in marketing.

4. It accommodates the new generation

Millennials represent one of the greatest generations ever, and by 2020 they will account for 30% of total retail sales. These same Millennials developed playing video games, and they are great at deductive reasoning and critical thinking.

However, Gamified content gives millennials a form of interaction they don’t often see and gives this new generation the interaction they will demand. Adding gamification elements to your marketing mix may be one of the most effective ways to engage and reach this demanding generation.

Final Thought

If it weren’t for digitization, the business world would be boring. Thanks to technological progress, gamification makes it possible for the business world to develop and create new opportunities for companies, entrepreneurs, and self-employed workers. If you are looking for efficient ways to reach, persuade, attract, and engage customers nowadays, then gamification may be a great way to achieve your goals.