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E-learning and corporate training

By e-learning Wikipedia means the use of multimedia and internet technologies to improve the quality of learning , facilitating access to resources and services.
Translated into Italian with online learning, online learning or remote learning, corporate training with the advent of digital has become e-learning.

Real online educational courses made available for employee training. A great opportunity for companies that embrace digital transformation and are willing to revolutionize the traditional vision of business processes.

The advantages of e-learning and corporate training

An important innovation from which everyone involved benefits , from employees, to the company to the customers:

  • A trained, competent and up-to-date employee is a motivated employee who is able to do their job well, respond to company requests and above all provide satisfactory customer service.
  • The removal of space and time limits, making the entire material available on the internet, allows to reduce business costs.
  • Employees can train online when, where and how they prefer in a technological and smart way.
  • Results can be easily monitored and the possibility of modifying the training course in case of dissatisfaction.

The characteristics and new trends of e-learning

Despite the usual cultural barriers to overcome, e-learning is becoming increasingly popular in companies. There are numerous types of online corporate training , but they all meet 3 main requirements :

  1. The flexibility of use.
  2. The interactivity of learning by doing.
  3. The modularity of the lessons that allows flexibility.

Among the numerous methods of use, it is possible to identify 6 current trends :

  • Youtube-style video learning.
  • Mobile learning, on smartphone or tablet.
  • Gamification.
  • Social learning, in which all subjects are called to intervene.
  • Micro learing, short and very specific topics.
  • Blended learning, with some online material, and some classroom lessons.

Why e-learning and corporate training should interest you

E-learning and corporate training in general are important aspects, which become fundamental for business growth . In this section we have written a guide to address this change, illustrated how e-learning has revolutionized the concept of corporate education and much more. Here you will find the best resources to take advantage of all the benefits and potential of a good corporate education.

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