Are you always trying to involve your team in training but you want to get more results? Try Whappy Gamification Learning.

Whappy Gamification Learning is the solution for training your employees.
It has specific features but also the PBL Module (Points, Badges and Leaderboard) which is typical of the gamification and maximize your team’s involvement.

The gamification is based on the principle of engagement through the “reinforcing stimulus” and it is the starting point of this training platform.
This tool has different potentialities. It allows simple activities like programming and managing training through role plays and video-coaching. But it also has more advanced features, such as interactive webinar, one-to-one learning, gaming. Moreover it gives the possibility to connect the training goals to more relevant sales KPIs.
Training through our application improve your team building processes.

Increased involvement, increased rate of adoption, greater productivity
Learning through gamification is effective because the process of stimulus-gratification brings people’s engagement to high levels. The application allows a highly addictive and entertaining experience that leads the users to easily change their traditional behaviors and adopt new habits.

Measure the training
The Interaction KPIs Control system allows you to track the training results of every single user, both quantitatively and qualitatively. All the collected data creates a predictive system for measuring user’s skills and attitudes.

Whappy Gamification E-Learning features:

  • FULL EXPERIENCE, deeper and multi-channel formative slots
  • SKILL DETECTOR, selection and role plays system
  • MEETING SCHEDULE, convocations for streaming webinars, business timetable
  • BEHAVIOUR TRACK, immediate tracking of KPIs through the behavioral pipeline
  • E-LEARNING, SCORM  “Shareable Content Object Reference Model” managing and distributing contents for training, role plays and streaming communication
  • UPDATE TOOL, in HCM, qualifying attestation deadlines and recall management
  • EVENT ORGANIZER, calendar for planning virtual or real events with subgroup management
  • LOYALTY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS, contest creation module, mktg and CMS mechanics
  • DYNAMIC SETTING REWARD, rewards and goals can be configured in PBL (Points, Badges and Leaderboard)
  • TEAM BUILDING, based on comparative results and selection of groups and subgroups
  • AUTOMATIC INTERACTION NOTIFICATION, with interactive triggers based on behaviors, dynamic event scheduling
  • EASY MODULE EDI, electronic data interchange EDI for CRM / SFA / SOCIAL NETWORK integration for enterprise solutions
  • CONFIGURABLE DASHBOARD, for managing and controlling all network KPIs
  • MOBILE APP, access to the system on desktop and mobile with ANDROID, WINDOWS or IOS versions

Each feature is designed for reaching the fundamental purpose of making your team a winning team

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