The newest technologies and the potential offered by the digitization can make the training programs for employees more efficient.

The so-called e-learning brings many benefits.

First of all, it improves the learning speed because users can access the training platforms at any time, avoiding interruptions in their workflow, typical of the traditional training courses. Then, since the platforms are always accessible, the e-learning allows a more frequent and constant training, and gives the chance to acquire skills exactly when users need to put it into practice. These points lead to a general increase in retention of learned information and an easier adoption of new habits and behaviors. The result in a reduction in the training costs and an increase of the team productivity.

The real strength of the e-learning system is its ability to generate engagement. The users can interact not only with contents, that can be also partially customized, but also with other users. So, the training becomes a social activity that pushes everyone’s performances. Through peer-to-peer mode and gamification, learning becomes a fun group roleplay. Simulations and challenges also nurture the team building, while the ‘reward-goal’ system stimulates a high rate of adoption. We’ve been able to test it by developing the mobile app for Bata Malaysia. Thanks to its e-learning platform, we achieved a 92% rate of adoption among the sales staff of all the stores, we saw a 50% reduction in the time spent for implementing the internal store processes and a double digit revenue increase.

But the e-learning platforms, that offer the possibility to monitor and test users capabilities, are useful also for head hunting activities. This was the case of Scotton Assicurazioni for which we developed a specific mobile app. Through its Academy, always accessible to the users, the company was able to test the performance of the candidates, creating also a playful competition between them and the old sales force. Subsequently the newcomers were the ones who had recorded the best results on roleplays.