In the introduction of our blog we say that gamification is “transforming business processes into a compelling game.”

The management of the sales force is certainly an areas in which gamification can lead to excellent results, not only for those works in the sales departments but especially for sales managers.
A good sales manager doesn’t only set goals and check their achievement but is also focused on engage and develop all the collaborators, including those apparently less productive, supporting an healthy competition and a good company climate.

Go back to the 90s and imagine this scene.
On the wall of your office there is a board with all the names of your sales force written on it. Next to each name is marked the number of appointments (or sales) made during the month by every member of the team.
That board is fundamental, because it shows to all who will gain the bonus for the sales target achievement and who will not.
This old example is an early form of gamification: there are goals, rewards, a ranking and the competition. Unfortunately its effectiveness is based more on anxiety than engagement, because it rewards the strongest and discourages everyone else.
But if you want to bring out the best from your team it is important to transform the hard work into an exciting mission for everybody. You need to create an engaging, rewarding and positive competition that pushes the sales force naturally towards the goals you set.
Just like a videogame based on points, levels, goals and, above all, rewards.

BATA Italy  is a leader brand in the footwear industry with more than 300 stores only in Italy and a large sales force to motivate. How to involve everybody easily and quickly? We create a  custom app based on the gamification fundamentals. This app turned the daily work into a game and thanks to the engagement program and the rewarding system the results came fast, with an average increase in productivity of over 12%.

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