There is a deeply ingrained idea in the minds of many people that working is supposed to be a dreary and that you are supposed to hate it. This is why there are too many jokes on social media networks on how everybody hates Mondays!For this reason, it is usually a difficult task to find self-motivated people in any workplace regardless of the industry. Therefore, sometimes as the employer you need to do things that make your employees motivate themselves from within. It does not always have to be a big pay raise for everyone. Sometimes it can be an extremely small gesture from you that goes a long way. Do you know? Hereby some tips to improve your team building and workplace productivity: all of these can be achieved via gamification’s processes.

Show Respect and Confidence

The days that the employers treated their employees like they are disposable thinking that would motivate them to work harder are now long gone! As the employer, you are responsible for making a healthy and respectful work environment that would allow anybody to perform their best with a sense of security and confidence. When you treat your employees respectfully and genuinely show that you trust and depend on them, they would truly be motivated to fill those shoes if they were not doing it already.

Recognize skills and good work

There is nothing demotivating than not being recognized for good work. There are too many people who started their jobs with great enthusiasm and drive, but eventually fell into doing the bare minimum due to not being properly recognized by the management. Recognition does not always have to be about rewards, it could be something as simple as a sincere compliment, or publically announcing to their team about the good work ethic and skills of that employee. Never hesitate to give credit where credit is due.

Create a culture of togetherness

Another reason for the employees not to be properly motivated to doing their best work is that they feel distant and detached from the company. Always make sure that you create the kind of company culture that treats the employees like a family, rather than treating them merely as the people you pay for the service. As humans, we are naturally motivated by the sense of belonging. If the employees truly feel that they are a part of a family at your workplace, they will not need any further motivating from you.

Set up smaller and achievable goals

People get demotivated when their goals are far too big and difficult for them to achieve, or if the targets take too much time to finally achieve. When you set smaller and achievable goals to your team, and make sure you give due credit when they successfully complete them, they will strive to do more, and do better.

Communicate better

Just like any relationship, the relationship you have with your employees would fail if there is no proper communication. Make yourself approachable for your employees in order for them to clearly communicate their problems to you. A simple communication problem has the power to completely demotivate someone from performing their best. Make sure that you listen and clearly understand your employees, and communicate in a way that is clear and brings value to both parties.