Do you want to select new profiles or increase the productivity of your sellers? Now with Whappy Insurance Gamification you can!

Whappy Gamification for Insurance Agencies is the perfect solution for testing the productivity potential of employees and selecting them.

The application has features for this aim and it is based on the gamification process and its principle of engagement. It provides the user with a console of tools to organize the various daily activities, manage the business relationships and generate leads in an easier and more predictable way.

More interactions, more information, more active customers
Through the FSA gamification module, it is possible to generate interactions and activities outside the agency, collecting data that can be used by the agency itself and the single user. The conversion predictive system is effective because it is based on real interactions and not on the seller’s estimates. In a few months the lead generation become a more reliable and profitable process. This is due to the smart contract mode in which the app collect the data and gives the possibility to generate reports in real time.

Measure the lead generation in B2B
The extremely intuitive interface of the app, the UI and UX both on desktop and mobile enable the user to quickly use all the control tools. The system can be integrated with the most commonly used management softwares or CRMs and allows to create an interface for generating external data about the occurred interactions.

Whappy Gamification for Insurance Agencies features:

  • SKILL DETECTOR, selection of the sales force, role plays
  • BEHAVIOUR TRACK, immediate tracking of KPIs through the behavioral pipeline
  • CHECK NETWORK, for checking the network of subgroups, KPIs and profitability
  • DAY BY DAY, management of the agency’s daily activities through the facility process
  • E-LEARNING, managing and distributing contents for training, role plays and verification tests based on dynamic learning
  • PRODUCTIVITY TOOL, that can be integrated with all major CRMs or SFAs
  • LEAD GENERATION, form for the lead generation, follow up list and timetable (renewals and new contracts)
  • LOYALTY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS, contest creation module, mktg and CMS mechanics
  • DYNAMIC SETTING REWARD, rewards and goals can be configured in PBL (Points, Badges and Leaderboard)
  • TEAM BUILDING, based on comparative results and selection of groups and subgroups
  • AUTOMATIC INTERACTION NOTIFICATION, with interactive triggers based on behaviors, dynamic event scheduling
  • OMNICHANNEL DELIVERY MODULE, communication through different formats: mail, sms, social
  • AUTOMATIC LANDING PAGE, for managing inbound marketing activities
    EASY MODULE EDI, electronic data interchange EDI for CRM / SFA / SOCIAL NETWORK integration for enterprise solutions
  • CONFIGURABLE DASHBOARD, for managing and controlling all network KPIs
  • MOBILE APP, access to the system on desktop and mobile with ANDROID, WINDOWS or IOS versions

Each feature is designed for reaching the fundamental purpose of improving the productivity of your team

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