Networking is fundamental for having a successful business. Nothing is more useful than having a network of contacts that leads to new opportunities and collaborations.
Business Breakfast And More is an association born to facilitates this aspect, and we made it easier by developing an app to create a community and manage meetings and events.

One of these events was held last December 14, at the usual venue of Villa Tacchi (PD). During the event we officially presented the new Business Breakfast app.

Read on to find out the details of the event.

Every events of Business Breakfast is designed to improve the chance to create relationships between entrepreneurs. For this reason they combine a buffet dinner, during which the participants can freely talk to each other, and a moment in which participants have one minute to present their companies.
Both moments are fundamental for networking. New members can discover the potential network of Business Breakfast; old members can strengthen relationship and find new opportunities.


The last event was different from the previous ones because of two elements.
First, it was open to everyone, even to non-members.
This has greatly increased the networking potential.
Then, it was based on a topic. The president Antonio Costantini talked about how much entrepreneurs need digitization to stay competitive. But they should innovate in a conscious and reasoned manner, choosing the right objectives, tools and resources. Innovation without a strategic planning can only damage companies.

This topic was then discussed by 3 entrepreneurs, chosen among the members of Business Breakfast, who shared their own experience and skills.
Our Adriano Gazzerro was chosen not only because the mission of Whappy is digitalizing companies, but also because he brought digitalization right into Business Breakfast.


Adriano talked about the development of the Business Breakfast app, initially created as a web app and now available also in the iOS and GooglePlay stores.

The app is the central hub of Business Breakfast.
It contains the profiles of all members, and also the reviews of those who have already worked with them. So, the users create a self-regulating community, based on a public reputation that pushes every one to communicate and operate transparently.

This brings a great benefit for the networking activity.
Thanks to the infos and the reviews, users are sure to contact only entrepreneurs that are truly interesting for their business and are considered reliable by the community. In other words, the risk of wasting time in unfocused meetings is very low.

The app contains also the agenda of all the events organized by Business Breakfast. Thanks to the ready-made templates, it is easy to register or invite other users.

The collaboration between Business Breakfast and Whappy did not end with the app.
Whappy worked also on the new official website and the social media of the association. And more things are ready to come!

Networking and digitization are the perfect tools to reach a higher competitiveness.