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App/Productivity of sales clerks



The first stores contest (through the new APP-Bata based on gamification) ended and the signals up to date are brilliant:

  • KPIs increased with double-digit growth
  • Double-digit revenue growth (indexed)
  • Saving 50% of the time for internal process implementations into the store
  • 1,100 employees engaged, vendors and store managers
  • 230 outlets involved
  • 92% APP adoption rate (spontaneously)

A project already tested in Italy ith success and now entered in the Asian market, in Malaysia. An APP that starts launching a new ad hoc incentive campaign for shoe vendors, with the goal of fully supporting the retail network by increasing productivity. Using gamification tools that optimizes training management, social networking and motivation through badges to develop specific KPIs and other performance indicators. The APP can be used by employees until the final rewards, obtained thanks to the continuous engagement of the seller, which on the other hand is able to verify on the APP in real time the results obtained.

A project, now extended in Thailand, Singapor and Vietnam that allows the vendor to be involved in sales with a prominent role, a real digital conversion of traditional retail chain sales personnel, an experience that leads company’s management to understand the potential of digitization. Human resources are put in a key role into the decisive factor regarding the future digital retail model. Why? Because through gamification, the daily work to be done becomes easier, fluid and much more enjoyable with the sales team divided into levels: store managers, sellers, part time. In this way, all the operators not only in managing their progress, but also in being more in contact with the decision-making chain, sharing guidelines, learning new techniques thanks to the “increased” sales experience by verifying their progress and incentives directly in the App. To sum up, a day-to-day activity that invites you to compare the different working groups by creating an exciting team-building, this is the new gamification frontier!

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