Project Description

Beauty Peach partner network project


Beauty Peach – GS Quality Spa


end customers app & platform for commercial activities



The beauty treatment sector is always asking for help from technology. This is happening not only because there is need of products offering a better performance and wider range of treatments: in fact, the very latest development is the revolution that is occurring in its business model. This is the case of Beauty Peach, a start-up that was recently founded by entrepreneurs with a wide range of experience in this field. The founders decided to change and improve the commercial strategy by focusing on relationship marketing, paying special attention to the needs of the customers and to pre and after sales service. In order to implement this strategy, Whappy was chosen to design a platform for relationship marketing. This platform can interact with business owners and provide them with the necessary tools to improve their quality and productivity. Thanks to this software, owners can generate new customer lists, arrange appointments, fix promotional events, manage coupons and other elements related to communicational and promotional activities.

Moreover, it is possible to establish a direct relationship between business owners and customers by creating another “consumer App”, a system that is able to organise and manage the “lead generation”, allowing businesses to acquire new customers in an innovative way.

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