Project Description

Project for user engagement and salons network



Tourist marketplace for managing unsold rooms



BrandExperience.BZ is a marketplace in which empty hotel rooms are used at the very last moment as promotional products. Hotel rooms that would otherwise remain empty are booked at a low price and offered as benefits during promotional campaigns. This has been possible thanks to BrandExperience, a management system for exclusive reservations, an accessible and useful online solution. This gamification platform automatically manages the whole sales process from the point at which the hotel owner identifies the vacant room up to the point of sale. It is very simple: the host inserts all the empty rooms onto the platform, making them available at a very low price, while maintaining the standard price for extra services (breakfast, half board etc.). This is a unique system for promoting the sector and for improving earnings from selling extra services. Hosts sells their services through coupons issued during the promotional campaign. Moreover, the businesses trademark will become more visible and appreciated by customers, adding value to their wonderful experience. The platform was made in collaboration with Whappy and has led to the creation of a network with more than 300 hotels and more than half a million coupons, having about 32,000 guests and more than 45,000 overnight stays.

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