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Networking is paramount for business. It means getting to know the right people, as well as letting them know, appreciate and choose you. It provides you with a broader network of contacts, relationships, and competences, and allows you to develop and increase them at all levels. The problem is one of time, which is not always sufficient to accommodate this. In other words, work has always to be completed in a rush, and maybe it is not possible to seize the best opportunities that surround us every day. That’s why you need something more, something that allows you to avoid the inconvenient things (distances, transfers, traffic, accidents) and give you the opportunity to improve the quality of your day-to- day business meetings. You need someting that will change your idea of networking marketing, that will eliminate limits and constraints and improve the quality of your results. That is why BUSINESS BREAKFAST AND MORE was created; an initiative started by a group of entrepreneurs that share the same need to create time for personal interaction
in order to foster trade between the different industries of a territory. Different industries and different people getting to know each other, starting a relationship and, eventually, exchanging products and services. How is it possible? By creating events, perhaps while having a coffee or a cake, or during happy hour. This gives them the possibility to talk, to generate new ideas and to discuss new projects. How is this organised? You need the right location, a “market square”, a real place (or a virtual place, which also has many advantages), where you can organise these meetings. At this point, WHAPPY enters the scene, being a relationship marketing platform that was specifically configured for BUSINESS BREAKFAST AND MORE for managing the business community: it is composed of different companies divided according to their sector and their representatives, with their different roles and faces. The interactions among participants are monitored by the App, and everyone receives an appreciation rating, which also takes into account his/her efficiency and qualities. This is a rating, an index of reliability. After the meeting, participants are asked to give their impressions and opinions, as if we had asked them “How was it?”. Different responses are used to create a profile, an active way of building a reputation and a safeguard for the community itself.

Let’s consider how the App works in practice. The App is the tool which allows you to acquire new customers that are really interested in the company’s products while providing marketing activities that generate new customers, the Lead Generation. But you have to be careful: they are not just potential customers, they are qualified purchasers with well-defined histories and needs. Thanks to a system based on key words, the user can find his/her potential customers quickly and understand if they suit his/her own services/products. There is also the possibility to verify in real time the supplier’s reliability, who knows that his/her efficiency and quality are being monitored and will therefore do their best to promote his/her own company. The only virtual thing is the platform. All meetings, transactions, suppliers are real. This is a “RELATIONSHIP AUGMENTED REALITY”, a definition that might sound like a paradox since we are talking about a digital support. In fact, since it is always helpful and precise, the support is able to meet what is considered to be a paramount principle in the business world: TRUST. Nowadays, Business and Breakfast can count on hundreds of users in all the provinces where it has been launched, and everything is managed by Whappy’s platform. The same has happened in all of the most innovative digital markets over the past few years: Airbnb, Uber, BlaBlaCar. Going beyond the specific business model, they were able to achieve a real change thanks to a perfect match between the real and the virtual worlds, generating TRUST among users. That is what WHAPPY is: a platform for relationship marketing that can be completely configured and able to design the perfect relationship and sales App for each company. The App can also optimise the processes of all working networks at all levels and subgroups, with specific, scalable and flexible solutions.

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