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Gioel Spa

How to engage the direct sales network with Learning by Doing training

Gioel Spa famiglia Svaldi progetto Gamification formazione e performance whappy platform

From training to performance!

The project involved training and sales, leading to a radical change in the sales network approach and support system of Italy’s leading “door-to-door” sales company.

To achieve this, the project leveraged gamification from the acquisition phase of new candidates, with basic training focusing on learning through action, tests and virtual lessons. The course was then divided into monthly sprints to ensure continued growth within the team.

In addition, the activity was organized in teams and broken down into activities to plan the daily operational path, while the developed application became an indispensable tool for each salesperson, providing training, sales roleplay, measurement of sales results, and an incentive plan to motivate and support salespeople.



Company name: Gioel Spa

Industry: Direct door-to-door sales

People and projects involved: 124

Platform: ” multilevel sales management”

Processes and areas involved:

Management organization chart, candidate onboarding and basic training, KPIs and performance, incentive and reward.

Data collection from deliverables: 12 months



ROI measured in the second half of the year over a 6-month period


ROI measured in the second half of the year over a 6-month period

Reduced Onboarding Time for New Candidates 23%
Adherence to the distance learning program 92%
Training goals certifications achieved 86%
Reducing the internal cost of training 18%
Features available in the APP used by users 87%
Feedback and reviews done among team members 97%
Increased loyalty to the opening of training content 59%

Time saved for training

Time saved reduction for training

Candidate retention

Increase in customer margins

For more than two decades, Gioel Spa has been a door-to-door company specializing in the sale of home cleaning appliances. In particular, Gioel is dedicated to the design of innovative systems for indoor pollution abatement and sanitation, thanks to the collaboration of a large network of consultants working in the area.

To achieve its goals, Gioel chose to employ the Whappy platform, which enabled:

On-boarding new candidates
– Basic “pre-market” training
– Down line network organization chart
– Training shadowing classroom
– Support with direct chat with your tutor
– Promotional campaigns and quarter management
– Management and measurement of KPIs and results
– Performance management
– Reinforcement notifications for user and groups (
Chat and reviews)
– Wallet redemption premium

As a result of the health emergency, the company felt the need to get closer to its vendor network, restoring the training and support values that had been compromised by the events. It was important to re-establish an empathetic and relational connection with the network in order to increase its involvement.

To achieve this goal, the company decided to rethink a number of functions to thus digitize much of the processes related to the sales network journey. Thanks to the platform’s customized features, it was possible to reconstruct nearly 70 percent of the activities previously managed through different tools.

1 – The context the challenges and goals of Gioel Spa.

The Covid-19 emergence led to an increased focus on the sales network, which found itself isolated from the business and relational context at the customers. To cope with this situation, Gioel Spa decided to redesign its processes, creating a digital medium capable of making up for the relational dimension typical of this sector, which is essential for sales.

In this kind of business change, people are the key to success, and only then do we turn to the technological tools at hand. Therefore, the company has decided to further strengthen its training program highly qualified to ensure maximum support for new candidates, restoring the levels of communication and feedback that used to take place in an operational logic.

Gioel Spa understood that change requires a redesign of the workforce, the mindset of one’s sales network and the company’s management, due to the collapse of traditional work relationship systems. Sales processes, empowerment, training and HR functions have become the new catalysts for change, becoming a tool for the daily management of the employee journey. This is a new scenario for the world of door-to-door sales, where results and performance are directly linked to the personal growth of each team member.

Gioel Spa, aware of this situation, therefore decided to reshape its approach to onboarding, training and continuous improvement of its network, overcoming the empathic detachment imposed by the health emergency and strengthening the relational aspect that characterizes this sector.

Through Whappy, Gioel Spa has made it possible to assure its vendors of the effective ability to make this leap to the phygital world by impacting in terms of expected results.

2 – The main benefits of solutions in HR, Onboarding, sales training based on gamification

Although the door-to-door sales sector has also shown continued growth in the pandemic-as evidenced by data from the trade association AVEDISCO-it must come to terms with digitization and the new challenges it brings. However, door-to-door selling still retains its importance today because of the relational and empathic dimension that allows it to maintain a centrality with the customer.

In this context, it has been possible to digitally rethink the ‘phygital experience of the salesperson and the interaction with the tools for his or her growth and work also in smart mode.

If even before, door-to-door salespeople had to compete in an ultra-competitive arena in search of new customers today, the competition must contend with a scenario marked by total uncertainty.

Thus, here is why gamification, Acting on logics that nurture people’s involvement, motivation, and cooperation, can literally change the game, giving vendors an extra weapon to compete in the area of Phygital sales, where the physical world connects with the digital world, thus recovering that GAP that has been created in recent years between the e-commerce world and precisely the world of direct sales.

How gamification engages new talent with onboarding and leads them on a daily journey to success

  • It increases the quality of on-boarding by allowing the mentor to follow up with their salespeople in a timely manner by supporting them when needed.

  • Engages and “cultivates” the salesperson by providing methodological learning and professional growth opportunities based on “learning by doing”

  • Increase engagement with work and home solutions that help motivate employees and deliver a superior employee experience.

  • Increase leadership strength by proactively planning succession in leadership and other key roles and building teams for different activities.

3 – Working method and implemented solutions

Gioel Spa is the ideal partner for cleaning and sanitizing private and business environments, thanks to a series of specific products based on water operation.

In order to present the already standardized onboarding process, in the approach to new candidates for the sales network, Gioel Spa’s goal was to put the entire company management in direct connection with the candidates, offering them maximum support and chances of success in the delicate phase of starting the business. In fact, this stage represents the riskiest time when the dropout rate may be high and there may be a risk of losing talent.

To achieve this goal, Gioel Spa configured the Whappy platform, a unique solution that allowed Gioel Spa’s operational framework to be refactored to a competitive level in a Phygital version.

Thanks to Whappy, the platform was able to strengthen the relational component of the onboarding process, creating a direct connection between company management and new candidates, offering them maximum training support and continuous communication with their mentor.

Thus, the Whappy instance was created for the Gioel Spa platform, and an operational framework was thus developed aimed precisely at managing the day-to-day activities of the sales network through training, support and service pillars:

  • Onboarding

  • Viewing the organization chart of your network

  • Delivery and management by levels of training progress

  • Creation of virtual classrooms

  • Role upgrade and career paths

  • Management and direct communication with one’s mentor

  • Basic training courses and certification release before “go live”

  • Management of reviews and reinforcements within teams

  • Network management, at the various intercompany levels

  • Identification and tracking of KPIs, by employee or team

  • Creation of sprints or operational campaigns for teams

  • Management of the employee journey through reinforcements and “ad personam” notifications

  • Performance measurement and management

  • Benefits management, rewarding i use wallet for reward redemption

These are all issues that inevitably involve 100 percent of door-to-door sales businesses and represent the new challenge ahead.

Serving the highest number of customers and private enterprises with its unique product range, creating a real mindset change by management and its network, and enabling the use of new technologies throughout the organization, this was the new goal of Gioel Spa.

Doing so while avoiding the typical resistance to digital was not easy. As we know technology is hostile, the communication and delivery phase in fact has always hidden highly dangerous pitfalls, the risk of non-adoption and abandonment in fact remains one of the critical points of this kind of digital transformation.

In fact, Gioel Spa consultants are now able to work on candidates and the sales network in a totally different way, thanks to Whappy, this is true value creation, this is what the market in door-to-door product distribution in a new digital environment is asking for.

The platform has ultimately allowed all the kpi and performance achieved by each individual network component to be reconciled with an incentive and reward program, this has allowed over time to still maintain interest in the application allowing for constant spontaneous use throughout the entire programming period.

Gioel Spa platform development methodology

The modern success of enterprise gamification is due to the fact that it makes the ROI and impact of business initiatives aimed at increasing productivity and efficiency measurable.

Thus, even in the case of Gioel Spa, it is possible to report the objective effectiveness of the gamification project, which, thanks to a timely comparison of productivity by team and individual, makes it possible to track performance levels in a continuous process of improvement.

We simply make transparent the data and performance results that Gioel Spa has kindly allowed us to show publicly.


Through an assessment process based on a representative panel of Gioel Spa’s network and management, it was possible to identify the common elements of services provided in 80 percent of cases. This made it possible to identify a real functional framework suitable for meeting a new mode of support service delivery for onboarding, training, support, and learning by doing in a digital logic aimed at zeroing in on the relational/empathic limits imposed by the health emergency, the goal then was to shorten the processes significantly, increasing the emotional experience as much as possible but at the same time avoiding encompassing the physiological inefficiency typical of the off-line mode.


Following a sharing of all the processes and steps constituting Gioel Spa’s service, a co-design thinking phase was done with the company’s partners and managers in order to build from the outset the processes as envisioned and redesigned by the group.


Once the set of flows and the expected deliverables had been precisely defined, the assembly of the different modules (already present) of the platform was carried out, to give life to the desired customization. The entire cycle managed on a ready-made and solidly available infrastructure base allowed a very short time to market compared to enterprise solutions currently available on the market.


After validation of the model with limited internal number of backoffice users and first “reference” vendors it was possible to validate the POC and thus move on to the actual launch phase of the platform which has seen the first regional groups use the application progressively more and more massively.

4 – The functions of the platform for door-to-door sales, from onboarding to training to incentives and rewards

The goal behind the platform developed for Gioel Spa’s employees and sales network was to strengthen despite the distance imposed by the emergency the onboarding of new candidates, engagement and training in the field by simplifying operations and automating everything that could be automated.

Network and employee management: integrated realtime management of all employees, salespeople or collaborative networks at different levels, department areas according to the logic of the organization.

Multilevel organization chart
: A real time organization chart of one’s network status and growth by individual salesperson.

Onboarding and training:
Process of taking charge and introduction to training and career paths with learning by doing mode of continuous learning.

Tutor assistance and support:
Day by day support tool to onboarding phase, training and sales coaching, with KPI reading and internal chat.

Employee engagement:
Incentivizing the individual and their team by acting on professional level growth and operational journey management.

Increased communication.
: Managing communications via internal chat, reviews between levels, and notifications on goal triggers.

Issue & ticket management:
Non-compliance management, both from a front-end perspective (malfunctions, device misconfiguration, data compliance and from a security and compliance perspective.

People analytics:
Systems for measuring group and individual data, specifically KPIs in relation to performance achieved. The beckoffice-side dashboards allow already without “drill out” actions to align uploaded sprints (campaigns or special promotions) with views of the results obtained.

Management of training levels and certifications:
Creation of training paths, both as basic training and time sprints related to periodic campaigns with training verification with questionnaire and release of certification obtained.

Performance management:
Goal alignment with KPI measurement and performance on both individual employee and team.

Career development:
Creation of development plans and professoinal levels designed to bring network members closer together to measure improvement and growth and compare it within the network.

People performance management:
Analysis of macro-organizational trends related to individual talents or teams regarding return data on activities performed. A data-driven performance approach that allows the level of engagement of employees and the sales network with respect to the organization’s proposals to be measured.

Performance rewarding & Wallet:
Performance evaluation, goal achievement, and KPIs for reward calculations.

5 – Results obtained during the observation period

Gioel Spa’s gamble has been to. convert very quickly all those processes that in the emergency period had to find a contactless approach, then necessarily move to phygital, this management support for the benefit of management and its network has made it possible from the outset to control delivery and performance processes with a “plug and play” mode eliminating at the base through immediacy all resistance to innovation.

The platform developed by Whappy made it possible to meet this challenge with a spontaneous usage rate compared to the organization’s users of 92 percente

Through the launch of the platform to the market, specific communication and a clear delivery plan by first implementing the training area and only then the instrumental area to measure KPIs and performance, Gioel Spa has been able from its earliest months of operation to bring its sales network and internal company management on board.

  • Onboarding and training in record time.

The need to increase the onboarding experience of new Gioel Spa candidates had increased considerably due to the emergency and impositions on distancing.

The platform solution therefore enabled the creation of a new Phygital channel of contact with which to convey numerous internal training and procedural tasks.

In this way, Gioel Spa was able to give absolute substance to its project by producing new content for the basic training path in a very short time and managing to start a complete training path for all levels deliverable automatically to all segments of the network.

  • Support through a dedicated tutor

Virtualization of the onboarding process made it possible to measure all stages of the candidate’s progress in real time, and thus, to be able to support him or her with “ad personam” logic driven by triggers that signaled his or her progress. This allowed a dedicated mentor to be able to intervene to support the candidate in both the basic training phase and the day-by-day support phase through afianchment.

This brought as a final benefit the near-annulment of the risk of failure of the onboarding phase, through in fact the implicit data generated by each individual candidate it was thus possible to intervene in real time with corrective actions, which were also standardized in the flatorm.

  • Predictive talent performances

The KPI measurement tool, in a short time allowed, through data collection, to quickly estimate in a predictive manner the parameters of “vital” activities performed and the subsequent predictive estimation of each candidate’s performance.

  • Measurement of training ROI

Gioel Spa through its gamification-based training application has made training easy and engaging by enabling the measurement of candidate retention and the start of the “go- live” operational phase in the market.

Indeed, it is through the creation of implicit data, obtained through the use of the platform, that it was possible to collect sufficient data to obtain relevant strategic insights.

This made it possible to introduce the culture of data-driven performance into the company and later extend the analysis of data and KPIs to other processes executed then for convenience always within the application.

  • Standardization of quarters and promotional launches

Thanks to the use of the gamification platform, Gioel Spa has been able to offer in different quarters with the “promotional campaign” formula real sprint periods to its sales network, real promotional campaigns.

Each salesperson, based on his or her level and qualification within the network then had specific goals to achieve, kpi and performance measurement. This approach allowed for the measurement of each of the vendors’ achievements and the sharing of those achievements within their target group, which then allowed for the creation of group goals as well.

In addition to this a system of reviews between team members, between mentors and candidate and colleagues then allowed the results obtained to be shared and made available to the entire network as best practices a.

  • Standardization and diminution of internal costs

Through the adoption therefore of new organizational models, with faster, cross-cutting processes, a reduction in time spent on onboarding and training has been achieved high-value-added by senior managers for the benefit of new applicants, who in this way were able to significantly increase their chances of success and growth in the delicate initial start-up phase of the business.

Standardization also made it possible to measure with precision all interactions of both new candidates and supports delivered by mentors and managers throughout the onboarding phase as well as continuing education through shadowing sessions, which are also being measured qualitatively and quantitatively.



Company name: Gioel Spa

Industry: Direct door-to-door sales

People and projects involved: 124

Platform: ” multilevel sales management”

Processes and areas involved:

Management organization chart, candidate onboarding and basic training, KPIs and performance, incentive and reward.

Data collection from deliverables: 12 months



ROI measured in the second half of the year over a 6-month period


ROI measured in the second half of the year over a 6-month period

Reduced Onboarding Time for New Candidates 23%
Adherence to the distance learning program 92%
Training goals certifications achieved 86%
Reducing the internal cost of training 18%
Features available in the APP used by users 87%
Feedback and reviews done among team members 97%
Increased loyalty to the opening of training content 59%

Time saved reduction for training

Time saved reduction for training

Increased salt candidate retention

Increase in customer margins