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Platform project for social contest FB/TW/INSTAGRAM


Kleguis SA





Everybody knows that conversation is the most important aspect in the market square. Plato said: “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”. This is the principle upon which our new project, YourBuzz, is founded (the translation of “buzz” into Italian is “brusio”, which is the sound you hear when many conversations are going on at the same time). This platform for Social Endorsement implements Gamification logic by creating contests, games and conversations on social networks about companies and their brands. It is the perfect place for rewarding ordinary people on social networks, and by “ordinary” we also mean “more reliable”. These people create new conversations and involve their friends. They post their opinions and assessments about different brands and can have a stronger impact than many celebrities, becoming the perfect advertisement for attracting new users and creating a Fanbase; a real Digital PR platform. YourBuzz is an App that uses social awareness of brands to engage, create competitions and promote. By interacting with the brands placed on the platform, users can indicate their likes, share and tweet – some users have even won contests and prizes. Whappy has configured YourBuzz so that it is possible to organize conversation groups and bring together users that share the same passions, in order to engage them with the brands you wish to promote by creating meaningful conversations. The results are as follows: more than 140,000 uploads, in excess of 24,000 second level interactions and involving more than 860,000 people.

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