Success is measured thanks to the replicability of a sucessful project. Productivity: this is the key point. BATA RETAIL APP is now entering in new markets. In the past few months we shared on our blog how the introduction of the application (developed by Whappy for BATA Malaysia) has been a great success:

  • adoption (92% in a few days)
  • results (double-digit growth Y.o.Y.)
  • engagement and motivation

excellent results, achieved with an innovative tool, easy to use and integrated with a large retail network.

The training results and the increase in margins have led the Malaysian market to renew its trust in Whappy: commitment and professionalism gave us this result. That the reason why a pilot project has been transformed into an increasing process that still keeps us alongside the management of the S/E Asia area.

Sales staff will have a tool that is powerful as easy to use. A set of tools in a single application installed on their smartphone, able to support and coordinate the different actions within the point of sale; each role within the reail network will have different versions and functions available, which will allow a better coordination in project management projects. Easiness, continous improvement in User Interface and User Experience have brought the project towards the results obtained. Hours of work and development that have allowed us to build a powerful tool able to increase the productivity and team building.

Technology and innovation, we know, are unstoppable waves that spread quickly, especially if driven by results. Figures of Malaysian successes have thus crossed the borders of the national market, involving other countries in the area.

It is therefore with great satisfaction that we can tell that BATA RETAIL APP project will be applied in Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam retail networks. This is a very important step that, after the projects carried out in Italy and Malaysia, strengthen even more the commitment between the company and Whappy.

When we write about BATA we are talking about a company with more than 100 years of life, an international giant with more than 7 thousand P.O.S. spread across five continents, able to innovate to face global challenges with effective tools.

productivity gamification

In this project Whappy stands as the ideal partner to build success factors. Through the gamification app created it is possible to:

  • provide training with self-assessment criteria
  • support and monitor sales in real time
  • coordinate all the activities related to visual merchandising
  • manage incentive and rewarding based on productivity
  • automate activities, integrating them into the entire process related to the store managers, district managers and the company’s HQ
  • improve employees commitment through gamification

all these variables are managed by using the application, to carry out the required tasks on a daily base in an easy, pleasant and effective way.

The digital conversion, information monitoring and ontime evaluation have turn the work of thousands of people easier, at all hierarchical levels. In addition, the gamification app has guaranteed a constant supply of info and data, able to support crucial commercial decisions.

We strongly believe that the retail networks in Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam will confirm the effectiveness of the “increased” sales tool regarding productivity.

Game. Set. Match. We are ready.