Before talking about project management platforms, let’s first see why they can be so useful.
We already said that smart working allows companies to work with delocalized professionals. Moreover, companies may have a team composed exclusively of skilled individuals living in different cities or countries.

Unfortunately this situation may lead to a difficult organization. Since the team members don’t work together in the same room or office, how is it possible to make them communicate and collaborate effectively? And how can the project manager supervise everything?

Since they all work in a virtual office, connected via the Internet, they need new tool to be organized. However, even the digital tools such as email or social media can’t be effective.

What’s the alternative? One of the many project management platforms available today. Keep reading.

Every company can find the project management platform that best suits its needs. There are so many of them! Simple or complex, free or paid, working on desktop or on smartphone apps.
Some of the most used are Trello and Asana.


These platforms are created to offer a clearer organization of the different aspects that are part of a project.

Regardless of their popularity or structure, they allow to:

  • Set intermediate and final goals
  • Create lists of tasks to be completed
  • Assign tasks and responsibilities to each professional
  • Set a budget to be respected
  • Set deadlines for each task and final goal
  • Supervise in real time the evolution of the project
  • Set adjustments
  • Share files and information between the team members
  • Keep a record of the finished activities

The resulting benefits are at least 4.

  • A better communication.
    Thanks to a project management platform, people can communicate thought a single, transparent and accessible tool. This avoids the dispersion of informations caused by the use of different media, such as emails, phone calls, chats, messaging apps.
  • An easier team work.
    Since every team member know each other’s responsibility and tasks, there are no overlapping or on-assigned activities. These platforms helps the team to work well, despite the physical distance.
  • A simpler monitoring activity.
    The project manager has always a complete overview of the activities carried out, the performance of each professional, budgets and deadlines. In real time.
  • Simpler processes.
    Each project can be broken down into smaller goals, which makes the processes easier to manage and faster to be completed.


All the project management platforms provide higher execution speed and accuracy. But if you really want to boost the efficiency of  you project team you need to focus also on other elements.
You should stimulate team building and productivity through a rewarding system. You need to transform activities into something engaging using gamification. You could facilitate processes by sharing instructions at the very time people need them.

You can manage all these aspects through specific apps developed by Whappy.
Our apps integrate perfectly with management software and project management platforms, taking advantage of the accessibility of smartphones and tablets – devices available to every team member.

This integration help companies to get the best out of smart working, acquiring efficiency but also the flexibility needed to easily adapt to market changes.