Do you want to create and manage the endorsement on your social media? Do you have to find your ambassadors or understand the real quality of your interactions on social networks?

Whappy Gamification Social Community allows you to get the most endorsement out of social networks. This tool provides you with a simple interface connected to your contents, a wall function and the appropriate engagement mechanics to reach your goals.
The social gamification is based on the principles of engagement and this application provides the user with tools for posting contents, involving audience groups and measure the returns. It also involves your sales network into an engaging contest for social networkers.

Quality content delivered by relevant users
Analyzing the different profiles of users it is possible to select the most suitable target to intercept. Engaging the users and delivering to them the right contents becomes a funny and easy task.

Generate significant conversations
The interface, UI and UX of this app are simple and allows to easily manage all the tools for monitoring the business relationships. The system can be integrated with the most common management softwares or CRMs and allows to create an interface for generating external data.
Additionally, the app allows to check the social conversations at the very moment they start. It is possible to monitor the most relevant ones and analyze them to get useful data for conversions and lead generation.

Whappy Gamification Social Community features:

  • PREMIUM CONTENT, content selection system
  • MULTICHANNEL SHARE, onte-to-one content sharing management
  • UNIQUE CONTENT, for sharing and personalize contents
  • AUTOMATIC INTERACTION NOTIFICATION, with interactive triggers based on the behaviors following the engagement, dynamic event scheduling
  • CONTENT ROI, measurement of lead generation and interactions
  • AUTOMATIC LANDING PAGE, for managing inbound marketing activities
  • CONFIGURABLE DASHBOARD, for managing and controlling all network KPIs
  • EASY MODULE EDI, electronic data interchange EDI for CRM / SFA / SOCIAL NETWORK integration for enterprise solutions
  • MOBILE APP, access to the system on desktop but also on mobile, ANDROID, WINDOWS or IOS versions

Each feature is designed for reaching the fundamental purpose of helping your team in creating valuable conversations

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