Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress; working together is success

This is how Henry Ford tried to explain a very simple concept: bringing together people doesn’t necessary mean you are creating a group able to get results.
What makes the difference is having a team.
In a team individuals move together towards shared goals; trust and support between members are strong and communication is clear and functional. Of course, each has his/her own peculiarities, role and personal aims, but under the steering of the leader they work synergically and maximize their effectiveness.
Working with a team is therefore a fundamental starting point to achieve corporate goals, especially when it comes to the sales department.

How can you do this? By the Team Building activities, that is all those activities that strengthen collaboration and trust among a group of persons.
They can be indoor or outdoor activities, sports or recreational exercises, but they all have a common thread: they are fun activities. Yes, they should be games!
Games are not only amusing and exciting, but they also allow people to train their problem solving skills, giving them the chance to improve their ability to think creatively as a group. Moreover, thanks to the goal-reward dynamic, games push the team to develop a strong shared motivation.
In short, team building games are a good way to find new solutions that later can be adopted in the work context.
Unfortunately, these traditional team building activities require organization, money and time, that’s why they only can be occasional.

Are there any alternatives? Yes, of course.
The gamification apps are useful also for team building.
The first benefit of a gamification app is that it works on smartphones, a device that’s widespread nowadays. For this reason an app makes it easy to connect all members of a team in a fast and permanent way. Sharing information and competing to achieve goals and rewards become an engaging and motivating everyday activity. Something similar to an RPG, with the benefit of providing real data that can be monitored continually.
In conclusion, through a gamification app you can get the best out of your team, making every member engaged and fulfilled and, at the same time, getting all the data you need to plan your business activity.

Are you considering a custom gamification app for your team building activities? Please contact us.