Increasing sales and achieve higher margins are two of the main goals of each commercial network, whether managed directly or through a network of sales agents. How could you identify problems that stop your sales? Let’s see some in today’s post.

In the common imagination, the figure of the used car salesman is able to overcome every negotiation by convincing customers and persuading them to purchase, no matter what they are looking for. This is what we see in great movies.

The used car salesman with a cowboy hat and a dazzling smile is the solution for your sales network? From our standpoint the answer is no, absolutely not, no way. We listed 4 common mistakes that sellers make commercially and make them “outdated”, just like the films we’ve talked about.

Error 1: talk about functionality rather than benefits

The “old-fashioned” seller always offers a list of features of the product he sells (leather seats, bluetooth connectivity, front parking sensors).

Today consumers have access to endless info and data via the internet. List the product options is not best way. Why? Because the consumer already knows them and has already seen them listed several times.

The solution? Transforming those features into benefits by identifying the solutions that affect to the customer.

Error 2: use a poorly understood language

This is a very common mistake, especially in the technical field, where innovation creates new terms that describe the product.

At first it can describe a deep understanding of the topic, but the intensive use of “difficult” terms can create confusion to the clients, pushing them away.

How to face this? Try to understand the level of knowledge the customer has and adapt to it by showing interest and the ability to describe the product according to different points of view.

Error 3: communicate deadlines from the 90s

“Only for today”, “hurry up”: these are expressions that come from the last century. They are still widely used, but for current generations (and especially the future ones) they have a relatively low activation value.

How to deal with this? With honesty and a simple and immediate relationship. “At this price we still have 3 pieces available”, “only 5 places remain to get into the webinar”, simple, real, objective and trusly communications.

Error4: do not inspire trust

We know this from movies: the old-fashioned used car salesman does not inspire trust. By the way, the importance of communicating trust in to the customers is crucial.

This affects to the relationship with the customer online: your website, the ways in which the customer comes into contact with you, how you manage lead nurturing, all must be able to stimulate trust.

What to do in this case? The role of the internet and mobile applications has an increasing value. This applies both to stakeholders (the customers) and to shareholders or staff (sellers, staff, sales network).

Do you recognize yourself in this post? Do you think these errors are repeated daily in your sales network? Contact us now to achieve your goals in the most effective and innovative ways.