Do you want to simplify the management of your sales network and increase the productivity of your sellers? It starts now!

Gamification can create engagement
above the average of 100%.
(Source: Webanywhere)

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You want to understand where to intervene to accelerate your team’s sales

The starting point is to measure and monitor the ongoing performance of your agents or salespeople network to make sure they are perfectly aligned with the objectives and sales quotas assigned.

Easy in theory but difficult in practice, because this control is only possible through an active collaboration of your sales network.

You are probably already using a CRM or management software to monitor the results , but are you able to state with absolute certainty that the data entered by your agents and / or sellers is relevant, correct, updated and useful to support you in strategic decisions?

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Do you want to increase your sales? Shift your focus: from technology to people

New technologies such as CRM or software with more features (and more expensive) are not the best solution to track the progress of your sellers and simplify the management of your sales network.

The reason? The success of any technology depends on how it is used by people.

You can have the best CRM in the world in your organization but what if:

  • Your salespeople see CRM as a continuous monitoring of their work, hindering the freedom to organize their commercial role.
  • They perceive CRM as a threat and therefore will enter data occasionally, without a logic of sharing and control, compromising its integrity.

The answer is easy: your expensive CRM to manage your sales network will soon be doomed to failure.

65% of sellers complain of having to spend too much time on non-selling transactions (Source: Prialto 2019).

The real solution to making any CRM or software a success is active engagement from your salespeople and agents.

Do you want to understand what are the characteristics of a CRM or software for the management of successful sales networks?

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User-centered and gamification apps to improve the management of your sales network

To monitor and simplify the management of your sales network , the collaboration and involvement of your sales team is essential.

Any software for the management of the sales network must be designed according to a user-centered logic to transform itself from a control tool to a support tool .

For example, an app for managing sales networks should allow you to:

  • Assign sales leads / agents appropriate to their skills.
  • Provide continuous feedback and data to salespeople / agents on contacts and leads.
  • Promote a climate of collaboration and not hostility.
  • Facilitate the control and analysis of performance for top management.

The application of gamification, thanks to the “stimulus-reinforcement” logic , increases the involvement and commitment of your salespeople, supporting them in growth and training.

It will be easier for you to control their activities and increase overall performance, through spontaneous and unforced interactions.

In 2018, 30% of enterprise software and CRM projects failed in 6 months due to user experience problems (Source: Gartner 2019).

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Because gamification can facilitate the adoption of apps for managing sales networks

  • It makes any work activity more fun and less stressful.
  • It stimulates the desire to achieve quantifiable goals and competitiveness.
  • It promotes the connection between people in a natural way.
  • Improve reporting with high engagement.

Don’t just introduce a new technology but make sure you guide its adoption correctly. This is the key to increasing your sales and lowering the costs of new technology failure.


What solutions we offer you for the management of your sales network

We develop integrations, applications and tailor-made solutions based on gamification that allow you to manage, incentivize and train your agents and sellers , successfully implementing a digital sales network.

The high adoption and engagement rate generated by gamification allow us to ensure you:

  • Immediate use and adoption by your agents and sellers.
  • A management control in real time.
  • Fast and smooth communication for every user on the network.
  • Custom dashboards for performance control.
  • Rapid development, modifications and subsequent additions.

What does Whappy offer you more than traditional software for managing sales networks

  • Total customization

    Implement and implement management, optimization and support programs for your sales network without limitations in terms of technology and functionality.

  • Quick implementation

    Thanks to customization and adoption rates of over 90%, Whappy’s solutions allow you to intervene on your sales network quickly.

  • Real-time monitoring

    Manage your sales network through a single app in real time. More easily identify relevant kpi and monitor the performance of your sellers.

  • Maximum integration with existing applications

    Do you already have software to manage your sales network? Perfect! You will be able to develop Whappy integrations to make it more performing and adapt it to your needs.

  • Flexible construction costs

    Spend time and resources only on what you need. The personalization of Whappy translates into effective savings for the creation of apps and software for managing sales networks.

Start simplifying the management of your sales network and supporting your salespeople today.

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Monitorare la rete vendita gamification con la gamification

Did you understand that you should redefine the management of your sales network but you don’t know where to start?

We are here for this. We do not limit ourselves to developing customized digital solutions but we provide strategic consulting support to help you understand how to intervene on your sales network to increase turnover and margins.

We believe in gamification because it creates a highly engaging experience and transforms complexity into simplicity.

You do not want (and we also do not want) that your sales network depends on too complex technologies that increase inefficiencies and management problems, and that few will use.

This is why we will support you throughout the development and implementation process of your project for managing and optimizing your sales network.

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Does it really work?
Read the opinions of those who have chosen Whappy Srl

“… with the APP we have the best results in terms of engagement”

Antonio Costantini, Senior Partner Hi Skill Spa

“… of great strategic and operational value”

Claudio Martinolli, Marketing director Valtur Spa

“… Creative ideas and innovative projects set them apart from the competition”

Filippo Frati, Business Manager at Luxottica Group Spa

“… the results were extraordinary for the immediate adoption rate by the employees and for the commercial results”

Paolo Buttini, Retail Manager Bata Spa Italy

“… we did a promotion for our Acqua & Sapone and Tigotà stores. The service was impeccable, punctual and precise”

Lino Bortolozzo, Markting & promotion manager Tigotà

“The most you can ask for!”

Luigi Migliore, President & CEO Network Training srl

“Communication and speed in transmitting information to our employees are essential to drive digital change, this is how we have achieved double-digit growth”

Ajay Ramachandran, Country manager Bata Malaysia

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