Try our solution that allows you to make your CRM really useful

You already have a CRM system (Customer Relationship Management), it took months of work and a lot of investments. What are the result? None! The advantages you expected are not here, why? Because people do not use the CRM.

Whappy increases the performance of CRM because it makes it a powerful and functional tool.

Integrate your CRM with the solutions developed by Whappy to quickly connect your online tools with applications you use. It automates data sharing, by creating an even more powerful and useful tool.

Your CRM is vital in managing negotiations, leads and sales networks. The exchange of information and the wealth of data are fundamental elements. Whappy makes it stronger by synchronizing your CRM with your dedicated Whappy APP.

Whappy provides native integrations with the most known CRMs, including (but not limited to) Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, ZOHO Crm, Hubspot, Pipedrive.

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