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22% of failures in CRM implementation projects are caused by misuse or usability issues related to people.
Source: Forrester 2016

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Because the adoption of CMR does not bring the expected results

If properly implemented, CRM software can ensure perfect alignment between all company roles, exponentially increasing the effectiveness of sales funnels and pipelines .

Despite this we still hear similar considerations too many times:

We have invested millions in CRM software and the only thing we have achieved is to allow our managers to keep key information and data in personal notebooks and calendars.

Do you want to understand how to support better CRM adoption?
First of all, you need to understand why employees and managers don’t use it properly.

CRM software and sales people

The biggest problem is priority and attention dedicated to CRM. Sales reps have different tasks and switch between them quickly. They may find it useful to enter data and information in the CRM but it is not a priority for them.

The information will then be entered (perhaps) at later times but will never be as reliable and relevant as those entered in real time. The final result? The data in your CRM never reflects reality.

Furthermore , CRM solutions that trace actions and activities through implicit data are nowadays rare and such data are not always able to grasp the individual process interactions.

For this reason , a guided implementation of the CRM can naturally automate the insertion of the internal journey of the seller (or employee) by starting virtuous spontaneous and zero-cost database building processes .

CRM software and sales manager

Sales managers and commercial directors are much busier than salespeople. If they are not following a negotiation, they need to coordinate the entire sales team, manage it, train it, and solve daily problems. Data logging of sales processes and the adoption of CRM are definitely not a top priority.

CRM software and top management

For top management, a poor quality and relevance of the data present in the CRM it can start a harmful vicious circle. If the processes are not followed by sales managers and sales people and the CRM is not updated correctly trust in the data collected will be less and less because they are unreliable. Poor quality of the data present will lead to less precise and timely future entries, up to the “necrosis” of the CRM. CRM will soon be abandoned and will fall into disuse, leading to even less attention to the management of business processes and the relevance of the data collected.

CRM software and incentives for proper use

To avoid necrosis of the CRM or a progressive abandonment of the tool, it is essential to encourage correct use from the first implementation.

All organizations provide incentives for productivity, achievement of goals or sales quotas; it’s pretty obvious.

But do you know companies that provide incentives for the correct use of CRM?

There are almost never any inherent rewards or incentives to support proper use of CRM , even if it can prove to be a highly strategic tool for closing sales, customer satisfaction, or business forecasts.

The presence of incentives for a correct use of CRM must not be linked only to the company results obtained but rather to the processes and working methods that represent their origin. In addition , incentives are often provided on the sidelines of ongoing projects that are monitored through other applications, thus losing the contextuality of the information typical of CRMs and making continuous improvement more difficult.

7 gamification trends whappy meeting

CRM software and business training

In many organizations , CRM implementation projects fail due to poor staff training . Sales reps may have received preliminary training while onboarding or have previous CRM experience. But if the necessary skills are not deeply rooted and not stimulated over time , they will soon be forgotten.

Furthermore, training in the onboarding phase may not be sufficient to activate more specific skills and competences and the latter will, if not maintained, diluted over time. Continuous training, also in the form of training pills or micro learning, can instead create added value in the various commercial phases and tasks to be carried out.

CRM software and business mismatch

In some scenarios, employees may be actively disengaged from sales processes and their CRM system. For example this happens if there is a misalignment between the objectives of the sales agent and the company.

Sales reps may be reluctant to divulge information that could put them in a compromising position or damage their company bonuses.

Who would want to report missed opportunities quickly and damage their success rate on their own? Who wouldn’t try to delay work on new opportunities to make them move strategically from quarter to quarter and manage their incentive or commission dues more easily ?

But on the other hand, if they have to achieve business goals and sales quotas , why shouldn’t they? The answer to this question should help you understand why it is increasingly important to encourage employees and agents to use CRM correctly.

Start solving these issues right away that could condemn the success of your CRM since its initial adoption.

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Increase the performance of your CRM with Whappy’s solutions and integrations

We support you in the design of digital solutions and integrations, customized according to your needs, to make your CRM a powerful and truly functional tool.

If you think that the digital tools and tools you use are already too many , perhaps the time has come to connect them in a better way, rationalize their use and manage them with the support of targeted actions to solve inefficiencies.

Integrations between tools and motivational levers can contribute to a significant redesign of business processes avoiding to “include” in the design the old inefficiencies of the processes previously implemented in the offline.

We are not here to sell you another CRM, but to enhance the use of your current CRM software by exploiting the dynamics and mechanics of enterprise gamification.

Gamification thanks to the stimulus-reinforcement principle based on extrinsic and intrinsic incentives (we talked about it before) can:

  • Motivate sales reps to close more sales and get tasks done faster.
  • Improve accuracy and timely entry of data into CRM.
  • Improve the proper updating of sales funnels and pipelines.
  • To stimulate sales agents to correctly report activities and tasks performed.
  • Improve teamwork.
  • Stimulate continuous company training.

High involvement of all users will allow you to make the most of your CRM by generating feedback in real time and identifying new key performance indicators to evaluate the rate of use and effectiveness of your “new” corporate CRM.

Power up your business CRM now
Whats motivates sales team in a sales contest?

Whappy: the most innovative and fastest solution to make your CRM really effective

We create solutions and integrations for CRM based on generating strong involvement and motivation that support you in aligning all users with company objectives, through a voluntary adoption of your CRM.

Our digital solutions are created to integrate perfectly with all corporate CRMs , offering you a wide range of possibilities: from the dissemination of messages, to motivation and reward programs based on gamification, up to the provision of training through your current CRM.

We are not focused on the tool, which should only be considered as an effective means, because we work with a Design Thinking methodology. The involvement of people in the company is crucial from the very early stages of planning.

We give absolute priority, throughout the design phase, to the end users. This allows us to more easily identify critical issues in the use of CRM and innovative solutions to enhance its use quickly.

Involvement and incentives to action

Monitor, track and define the right behaviors in a fully automated way and send personalized messages to incentivize and reward all users, increasing the performance and productivity of every single person in the company.

Implement supportive features and tools , such as enabling automatic reminders to set up follow-up activities after a call. Enhance corporate training by providing personalized training based on the behaviors and goals achieved by your employees.

It supports sales managers and sales directors more effectively

If you want your sales managers to be involved in using CRM, they need to be able to obtain immediate information that can help them improve sales results.

A high rate of involvement in the adoption of CRM can support sales managers in analyzing results in real time , implementing immediate corrective actions. You can leverage CRM to provide sales managers with tips with useful information to give salespeople the right feedback at the right time.

For example, a manager might receive a notification that, for one of his employees, the average time between an interaction with one prospect and another is extremely long and thus create specific reminder actions or suggest a coaching activity on a specific problem.

This process ensures that team managers are much more aware and proactive in guiding their employees to adopt processes and working methods.

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Use CRM to reward behaviors and not just results

No one has ever stated that employees and sales managers should be rewarded only for sales.

Unfortunately, very few companies offer recognition based on acknowledging a job well done. This means that many companies are not incentivising employees to improve the way they work.

Or rather, most CRM solutions tend to reward and stimulate the lower part of the funnel through incentives , i.e. the results and sales obtained. However, they fail to grasp the origin of the actions that have made it possible to obtain such positive results, which is instead the high and qualitative part of the funnel.

The actions present in the upper part of the funnel are not always linked to the conversion but retrace and trace the entire journey of the purchasing process. It can be the journey of a customer in relation to the purchase of a product or of a seller who, directly or indirectly, is already in contact with a potential customer with an express intention to purchase.

Through CRM you can define incentives based on the adoption of successful behaviors and motivate employees to respect processes and working methods.

These changes can be achieved through gamification that drives social recognition, the enhancement and sharing of objectives and healthy competition.

Provide ongoing training to enhance the use of your CRM

CRM onboarding can’t be a one-time thing. Employees must continuously train to use it better and receive further training according to their knowledge levels.

For best results, training must take place through channels and tools that generate the least friction. It must be engaging and customized according to individual needs.

You will be able to create small training modules within the CRM that allow employees to quickly acquire skills through smartphones or tablets.

An example would be the automatic activation of a 5 minute training module on the right process to update lead and opportunity status to sales managers and salespeople who forget too often to do so.

Measure relevant key performance indicators and share them with the right people

Your CRM is a great tool for analyzing and monitoring the main performance metrics of your business. But remember that the same metrics don’t have the same value and relevance to everyone.

To successfully drive the adoption of any CRM it is important to present metrics and results to those who can derive the most value from them, so that they guide actions and engagement.

Using KPIs related to activities and not just results , and visualizing them in an intuitive and convincing way (through simple dashboards) can help employees understand what their weaknesses are and how to improve.

This understanding can be further enhanced by leveraging the high engagement and incentive of gamification that will allow you to set up automations in your CRM to turn your employees into talent.

Would you like to obtain and exploit these advantages from every point of view in your corporate CRM?

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Quick and easy integrations with leading CRM software

No matter what CRM you are using, we will evaluate together the best solution that will allow you to make your CRM truly useful.

Because gamification and CRM are a winning synergy

Gamification works by making processes or applications more engaging, encouraging people to align with desired behaviors. Gamification defines a path towards personal fulfillment and mastery of skills by exploiting the psychological predisposition of man to engage in competitive play.

Once implemented correctly, gamification can bring motivation and competition into otherwise monotonous, repetitive or mechanical processes , thereby increasing behaviors such as participation, interest, attention (accuracy) and timeliness (productivity).

What are the advantages of the synergy between CRM software and gamification

  • Involvement of staff without monetary incentives

    With badges and leaderboards, gamification focuses more on personal fulfillment than monetary gains. In such an environment it is not the value of the prize that drives behavior but the desire and pleasure of winning. As a result, everyone stays aligned with business goals and will do more to achieve them.

    Gamification also allows you to do it dynamically , that is, being able to move goals, metrics and rewards in a fluid and rapid way. In this way, attention is kept high, the rate of adoption and involvement is maintained, supporting a virtuous process of continuous improvement.

  • Promote behavioral changes

    The rules of the game may include penalties for bad habits , for example, late email replies or incorrect data entry in the CRM. In this way, the decreasing scores of the game will be natural (and timely!). Everyone will be encouraged to be more precise and on time, simply because no one likes to lose.

  • Encourage teamwork

    The typical competition of team play will inspire employees to share their best skills to achieve their common goal. This way, onboarding newcomers will also be easier. For this reason, many companies are creating interdepartmental teams (e.g. sales and marketing) to strengthen their cooperation and align their activities.

    In this way the real concept of team building is nourished. For example, by defining shared incentives for company teams linked to specific actions in the CRM, employees can be induced to use the same CRM as a reference benchmark to support each other and achieve the goal.

  • Better quality of the data present in the CRM

    If you’d like to use CRM for more than just automating your sales pipelines, you already know how good it is data consistency and robustness in the CRM is important. Gamification can make the correct insertion of data and information satisfying and stimulating, actively contributing to database building processes.

  • Performance monitoring in real time

    Game rankings and scores will not only motivate employees, but will also keep managers updated with their team’s successes and failures. By broadening the scope, managers and CEOs will be able to identify which strategies work best and which teams have the greatest impact on total revenue and productivity.

    The analysis of data and performance in real time can facilitate the implementation of corrective actions during the development of processes and activities, not at the end of the promotional canvas, campaigns or training programs.

    Corrective actions can be immediately implemented by exploiting the dynamism of gamification, for example by identifying a new training module, a new reward / incentive or a new KPI to monitor.

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