Performance management and gamification, changing the productivity paradigm!

Performance management and gamification, why together they can change the productivity paradigm The constantly evolving world of work requires new perspectives and innovative approaches to maximize productivity. Two seemingly distant concepts, such as Performance Management and Gamification, can surprisingly converge into one winning synergy. This article will explore [...]

Employee onboarding, the ultimate guide for HR managers

Why an employee onboarding guide? Onboarding is a key element in ensuring a smooth transition and facilitating the integration of new hires into the company. It is critical to recognize that there is never a second chance to make a good first impression. This principle also applies to onboarding [...]

Team Coaching: Why it improves the performance of your employees

Team coaching is an increasingly popular practice in the world of work, as its potential to improve employee performance and promote effective collaboration within teams has been recognized. In this article, we will delve into the concept of team coaching, exploring its meaning, benefits, and reasons why you should [...]

How to manage feedback with employees, discover the ultimate guide from assessment to continuous improvement

How to deal with feedback management with employees? This definitive guide will take you through a journey of discovery on the power and importance of feedback in business performance management. We will explore how managing feedback can positively influence employee performance, promote engagement, and stimulate continuous improvement. We will [...]

Discover the impact of artificial intelligence in corporate training and continuous improvement

Artificial intelligence in corporate training (AI) has in recent years assumed an increasingly important role within organizations and companies of all sizes. Thanks to its ability to automate and simplify processes, both simple and complex ones, AI has become a fundamental element in the panorama of corporate innovation from [...]

Digital transformation model, find out how to develop it successfully

Digital innovation model Discover your digital transformation model. Digitization offers great opportunities for companies and enterprises: efficiency in delivering services and producing goods increases dramatically, while costs decrease significantly. However, implementing new technologies and acquiring skills are not enough to achieve this goal; digital transformation is a long and [...]

The future of business consulting: how technology is revolutionizing the work of the consultant

The future of business consulting: from project executors to strategic partners to discover the new Blue Ocean of business consulting. The future of business consulting in the coming years will be bright! business consulting will play a key role in the coming years its role and service mode will change profoundly, let's [...]

Tips for increasing your network sales, 8 tips to ensure your success in a competitive marketplace

Tips for increasing your network sales with 8 key tips Tips for increasing sales? In an already highly competitive market, the advent of technology has further increased the acceleration of commerce and made it even more crucial for companies to sell to thus cope with an increasingly uncertain scenario difront of rising [...]

NFT, Retail and Loyalty: the revolution that is transforming promotions and retail

NFT, the new bargaining chip in the retail world NFT, Retail and Loyalty: the revolution that is transforming promotions and retail. In recent years, the use of blockchain and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) has revolutionized the retail world, creating new opportunities to improve the customer experience and increase sales. Companies are using blockchain [...]

Performance management: next-generation software platforms for HR and sales managers

Performance Management: Discover the top 8 next-generation software platforms for HR and Sales Managers Performance Management: software platforms are now to be considered a key component of an organization's success, as they involve assessing and optimizing employee performance to achieve business goals. True performance management, however, goes beyond a simple annual performance [...]

How to Create a Successful Incentive Program: 10 Rules for Managers, Salespeople and Employees

How to Create a Successful Incentive Program: 10 Rules for Managers, Salespeople and Employees A company's success depends largely on the commitment and motivation of its managers, salespeople and employees. A well-designed incentive program can play a crucial role in keeping motivation high and fostering excellent results . In this article, titled [...]

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