The most effective strategies to motivate and improve your salesforce

If you are a director or sales manager, you'll probably know that managing people and sales teams is not an easy task. Your decisions determine the effectiveness and the motivation levels of your sales network, which is capable of guaranteeing the competitiveness and, sometimes, even the survival of your business. If you [...]

Is Enterprise Gamification just a myth or an effective business strategy? Here is the answer.

In recent years, gamification has acquired an important role: it is a technique which applies gaming principles and mechanics in non-recreational contexts. However, Enterprise Gamification (i.e. gamification strategies in a business environment) is not just about turning work into a game. In fact, it is aimed at improving company performance through the [...]

HR Trends: what revolutions will take place in human resource management?

As always, researchers and experts are wondering about the trends which will dominate the area of human resources in the forthcoming year. Thanks to developed cloud applications and services, the leading professionals in human resources use technology to attract, understand and manage workers. In order to get a competitive advantage, more and [...]

A guide to company digitisation: how to avoid taking the wrong steps by using gamification

Digitisation – digital transformation – is one of the most important changes for all businesses: digital transformation is real and companies must take the right decisions if they are to avoid making fatal mistakes. Within this context, gamification acts as a catalyst for the implementation of best practices in the company, for the company’s entire [...]

Whappy is launching Blockchain Gamification Reward, the application for Incentive and Loyalty Programs with the security of Blockchain!

In the photo: Adriano Gazzerro (Whappy) with Massimo Morbiato (Ezlab), Whappy’s exclusive partner in the creation of Whappy Blockchain Gamification Reward. The collaboration was born a few years ago while working on some shared projects in the Blockchain field, which focused on the traceability in the agri-food supply chain – an area in which Ezlab [...]

How can gamification improve the CRM adoption rate in the company?

  “We can’t force our account managers to use it.” “The data are not accurate so we prefer doing without it.” “It makes us waste too much time and it’s not easy to use.” If these are among the most common phrases heard in the company when it comes to CRM, then there is certainly [...]

How to bridge the gap between corporate marketing and sales using gamification

In most companies, the marketing and sales departments don’t work together, with the necessary harmony and cooperation. The metrics and benchmarks used to assess their performances are not suitable for creating a common vision. It is as if the departments work separately from each other, as if they were not part of the same team. [...]

Social media and gamification: how to improve employees’ engagement in the companies of the future

When did you last check your Instagram and Facebook accounts? Let's face it: on average we spend 5 years of our life on social media. It is more than the total time we dedicate to eating or taking care of our personal appearance. According to the study How people use social media in 2018 by [...]

Startup and growth hacking: are these the keywords for the digitalisation of Italian companies?

The startup environment and the use of innovative techniques, such as growth hacking, are often considered to be the solution to the problem of the low level of digitalisation of Italian companies. In particular, one of the most widespread buzzwords in the labour market is “growth hacking”, which is often linked to the new ideas [...]

Gamification and customer engagement: how to redesign retail 5.0 for the future

Technology plays an important role in our daily lives. Nowadays we are all constantly connected, thanks to different kinds of devices: the use of smartphones, tablets and personal computers means we are online almost 24 hours a day. All this deeply affects our behaviour and our habits, including the way we purchase goods and services. [...]

Gamification and Employee Experience: how to engage employees

If you were asked to identify the ways in which gamification could be used in your company, you would probably think of an application for customers. Maybe you would think of an application that could be used for cross selling and upselling on your e-commerce site. Of course, you are right, but it is not [...]

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