We transform change and uncertainty into success

We transform change and uncertainty into success

Digital transformation is revolutionizing every organization, while people’s expectations have reached ever higher levels, making some business models obsolete and outdated .

On the other hand, artificial intelligence is shaping and creating the new markets of tomorrow. The post-digital era shows no signs of slowing down and the need to create new scenarios based on increasingly intelligent technologies and above all usable by anyone has never been greater.

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Innovation is not an island: the starting point

The vision we have presented cannot be achieved without the know-how and effective organizational agility or without the total involvement of our client. With Whappy we help organizations in the private, public and social sectors to create the right change thanks to enterprise gamification and placing the utmost attention on people.

We collaborate with our clients to often drive true innovation and grow their organizations, helping them to be proactive and ready for continuous change, accelerating their growth and success.

We do this by enhancing and enhancing one of the most strategic and decisive assets for the achievement of any business objective: human capital.

What do we do

We are a specialized company in enterprise gamification solutions that operates in more than 5 countries around the world. We help our clients identify and set the most important direction and goals in various departments and apply enterprise gamification to go further: working together to transform these goals into ambitious realities.

We live in an increasingly phygital society and environment. For this reason, enterprise gamification becomes a mindset to be developed to create high-impact best cases.

We offer consulting, design, training, assessment and development of solutions based on enterprise gamification services to help companies grow through innovation, digitization and optimization of business processes.

From C-Suite and various frontline managers to top managers, we collaborate with our customers to apply and transform their organizations through enterprise gamification. This means:

Incorporate digital, analytics and design into fundamental processes and mindsets

Develop excellence in the execution of the various departments thanks to enterprise gamification and ensure that actions translate into results in a rapid and sustainable way

Building skills that help organizations and people thrive and grow in an ever-changing environment

With exceptional people, partners and associates, we combine global expertise and local information to help you create the change that truly matters.

Why Gamification?

Through participation and involvement, acting on the right behavioral levers, not only results are improved but above all, there is the possibility of evaluating them in a tangible and objective way .

The reason? Everyone will be motivated to share their successes.
That’s why we call ourselves this: Working + Happy = Whappy.

We do not limit ourselves to stimulating motivation and involvement but we provide companies with all the necessary tools for measuring and understanding the key factors for business growth.

Here is how we support companies to make activities and processes more efficient , functional and able to generate better results by wisely exploiting the innovations of HCM (Human Capital Management) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms, enhancing their business use thanks to gamification .

Enterprise gamification activities are the way in which the organizational culture (internal and external) of the company manifests itself and asks to be lived in a new way. More within reach of people.

Our capabilities:
what we can offer you

We know that every organization has different needs. This is why all our enterprise gamification solutions are designed to integrate with existing business applications and platforms.

We specialize in the development of enterprise gamification solutions for:

Listening, alignment and openness

We adopt a valuable and above all consistent approach to the development of innovation in our customers. Our work is based on a rigorous understanding of the formal and informal context of each organization , keeping in mind the dynamics of the sector and the macroeconomic environment.

We study emerging markets, trends, good practices, in every sector or country. Our investment in knowledge thus helps to improve the practice of managing increasingly complex projects.

Our enterprise gamification solutions will support and assist you in the pursuit of your business goals and at the same time increase the value of your business by making it the best place to work.

Who we work with

We work with structured and large companies that have understood the real value of their people to be resilient and ready for change.

We work in an agile and dynamic way, adapting from time to time to the business organization that requires our support. We can manage completely outsourced activities or act as strategic consultants and trainers.

Regardless of the challenge, we focus on generating practical and lasting results, providing our customers with the right equipment to grow and succeed through enterprise gamification.

Here are our clients and successful case studies:

The Whappy team

We are a group of professionals and specialists who work with passion, because we firmly believe in the value that enterprise gamification can generate for every type of business.

Technical and digital skills are no longer enough. We understand the need for multidisciplinary thought and project leadership that can break the silos of organizations and create value by connecting experts inside and outside the organization.

We are this: an organization capable of facing highly competitive challenges in a complex environment with efficiency, agility and flexibility. Our role as a 360 ° team is to help you guide the company to change thanks to enterprise gamification, generating a decision-making and functional context to achieve the objectives of the organization.

Adriano Gazzerro

Luca Mistrello

Davide Boschigia
product and service designer

Anna Zancan

Riccardo Tiepolo
UX / Graphic Designer

Mirko Trentin
Content Curator

Giorgio Minguzzi

Valentina Villa
Coaching Advisor

Daniele Artusi
Front End UI / UX

Federica Frigo
Field operation manager

About us

To survive and excel in a high-speed, high-tech industry like ours, we face multiple competitive pressures. To differentiate ourselves, we have been able to characterize ourselves over time by a series of values that are fundamental to us:

  • Total focus on short-term performance
  • Maximize project profitability, efficiency and cost reduction
  • Apply an agile mindset that allows to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage of the enterprise gamification project

There are few in the world like us and we know it

We are a boutique. We try to create best cases by bringing out and enhancing enterprise gamification as a context to enhance people inside and outside the organization . Here you can find what some of our customers who have trusted us and believed in our work say about us.

“… with the APP we have the best results in terms of engagement”

Antonio Costantini, Senior Partner Hi Skill Spa

“… of great strategic and operational value”

Claudio Martinolli, Marketing director Valtur Spa

“… Creative ideas and innovative projects set them apart from the competition”

Filippo Frati, Business Manager at Luxottica Group Spa

“… the results were extraordinary for the immediate adoption rate by the employees and for the commercial results”

Paolo Buttini, Retail Manager Bata Spa Italy

“… we did a promotion for our Acqua & Sapone and Tigotà stores. The service was impeccable, punctual and precise”

Lino Bortolozzo, Markting & promotion manager Tigotà

“We now managed our sales force incentive program reward in real time through gamification methodology. We use whappy apps every day to engage with our in-store sales personal, it is definitely a good solution”

Sarutphan Sirikunaphichat, Store excellency manager (KPI)

“Strong feeling towards the people and a very tireless source of new ideas, always focusing in the problem, good team to work together”

Paolo Lain, General Manager Ferritalia Spa

“The most you can ask for!”

Luigi Migliore, President & CEO Network Training srl

“We implemented whappy for our sales force productivity over 2 years ago. It boost effectiveness in communications, e-learnings, display planogram product set-up, promotion campaigns, KPI and sales performance”

Jamie Ooi, Head of ECommerce KPI Manager

“Communication and speed in transmitting information to our employees are essential to drive digital change, this is how we have achieved double-digit growth”

Ajay Ramachandran, Country manager Bata Malaysia

“We created informative content and educational videos making everything very friendly. A sales challenge that put various subjects in competition on different objectives. Nice experience.”

Dante Rossetti, Lavorwash SPA Marketing Manager