Whappy Skill Detector: finally find the right person for that critical position

76% of HRs say attracting the right talent is the biggest challenge.
(Source: McKinsey)

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Whappy skill detector per rilevare con la gamification le soft skill in fase di selezione del candidato

Stop wasting time and resources

Whappy Skill Detector helps you make the best HR decisions for your organization.

Thanks to our platform – which uses gamification and AI – you will be able to select the best talents with a set of assessments and tests that will spontaneously and truthfully highlight the aptitudes, skills and soft skills of the candidates.

It is the first software that aligns itself to your needs by implementing the best solutions in the industry to simplify your life and allows you to focus on what really matters thanks to its simplicity of set-up and use.

A complete Recruiting Suite at your service

Whappy Skill Detector is a plug & run application that integrates with the most popular CRMs in the world and uses gamification to create role-play and aptitude tests that help you define employee behavior precisely.

You will be able to structure and customize powerful dynamic assessments that accurately identify and profile the individual talents of your candidates, thus supporting you in the screening phase and providing you with precise data to select the best-performers.

Whappy Skill Detector

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Because Gamification is perfect for HR

In phase of recruiting gamification acts as Process facilitator by creating immersive experiences and exponentially increasing the test engagement rate, thus optimizing the significance of the data obtained during the selection phase and allowing you to truthfully and analytically evaluate the correspondence of the results with the Key KPIs for the role you are working on.

Some of the application advantages of gamification

  • Makes the assessments and roleplays that candidates undergo more fun and less demanding, contributing to involvement in the assessment process

  • Stimulates the desire to achieve quantifiable goals, and enhances the healthy competition between the parties involved, reinforcing the commitment made

  • It promotes the connection between people in a natural way, stimulating a fluid communication flow of comparison that can be exploited at the recruiting level

  • Thanks to our integration with AI it improves reporting and response rate, dynamically combining assessment and roleplay with your KPIs

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Do you have doubts? Let’s compare

Some of these points may be familiar to you, others less so. For any special application situation, do not hesitate to contact us directly, we will dispel all your doubts

Quanto è affidabile il sistema?

The hiring data driven process is completely based on truly qualitative data. The predictive analysis carried out thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence and gamification allows you to optimize the process and return timely and consistent data with the KPIs you have chosen .

Il sistema non andrà a rimpiazzare le HR?

Whappy Skill Detector is structured to integrate and support your selection paths , providing your team with dynamic and predictive tools that optimize performance and make the entire process more streamlined, precise and performing.

È troppo complicato da strutturare

In reverse. Thanks to a user-friendly interface and integration with the most popular CRMs , the platform is immediately simple and ready-to-use. You can build and operate assessments and role-plays in no time, customizing the suite to your liking.

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