Increase engagement and productivity with new learning experiences

The use of gamification in e-learning
can increase productivity by 43%.
(Source Gartner)

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We develop digital gamification solutions for learning and training

We are “spoiled” by the digital age: our attention span is short, we don’t like to consume long “contents”, we expect immediate feedback and recognition (personal and social).

If you want your employees to learn and maintain new skills and be more productive, you can’t just digitize their training, you need to make it fulfilling and challenging.

We develop e-learning platforms based on these two fundamental objectives: to digitize corporate training and make it engaging for people through Enterprise Gamification strategies.

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Make learning stimulating, engaging, and measurable

We support you in the design and development of digital solutions , customized according to your business needs, to train employees, partners and customers, always ensuring management in real time.

Our digital e-learning gamification platforms will allow you to:

  • Design, create and make available educational materials.
  • Design and implement daily learning activities for your employees.
  • Personalize the learning process, based on individual roles and skills.
  • Measure performance and define relevant KPIs.
  • Analyze the results in real time.
  • Send timely and relevant communications.

The final result will not be a simple corporate e-learning software, but a highly engaging corporate learning platform thanks to the application of Enterprise Gamification.

Personalization and involvement of all users involve the generation of continuous learning feedback and the creation of KPIs relevant to the success of e-learning programs.

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Because Whappy allows you to enhance the real skills of your people

Our platforms are not just technology or apps. They are solutions designed and customized for every business area and training program.

We work with a Design Thinking methodology to give absolute centrality, throughout the design phase, to the end users. This allows you to more easily identify critical issues, innovative solutions and significantly reduce development and implementation times.

Our starting point is always people and your business objectives, only in this way can any training program achieve the expected results.

  • Engaging business training

    The use of gamification allows people to be involved and motivated throughout their training experience.

  • Personalized e-learning and training programs

    The digitization of corporate training allows you to adapt the training experience not only to business needs, but to personalize it for all the figures involved.

  • Dynamic Role Player Processes

    Role-playing games are one of the most powerful teaching strategies. We build dynamic training courses able to adapt to the behavior and results obtained by the participants in the e-learning program. This will allow you to enhance existing soft skills and identify new ones.

  • Quick and easy implementation

    You will not need to install software or new applications. All our solutions are based on cloud systems to which you will have free access. Just enter the training material and update it when and how you want.

  • Maximum integration with existing applications

    We develop any integration you require with your business platforms. Our solutions are designed to integrate with existing systems in your company such as: e-learning and learning management software, collaboration applications, CRM, providers and external training services platforms.

We offer you the freedom to focus on developing the best possible training for your employees and making sure that goals are achieved day after day thanks to gamification. You won’t be constrained by long development times , buying new platforms or huge fixed costs for IT infrastructure.

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Enterprise Gamification and training:
a winning synergy

Gamification is more than just a game (in fact, sometimes, it’s not about games at all). We can define it as the application of typical elements of “Game Design” to non-playful contexts and in this case work.

We use these elements, combined with the customization of digital solutions and the personalization of experience, to create unique training projects.

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What are the advantages of the synergy between
e-learning and gamification

Better learning experience

Training also means having fun while acquiring new knowledge , drastically increasing the level of engagement. High levels of involvement will lead to a deeper learning process of the skills learned.

Better learning environment

Gamification in e-learning provides an effective informal learning environment and helps prepare for real situations and challenges in a safe environment. The learning experience will therefore be more stimulating and the knowledge learned more lasting.

Immediate feedback

Gamification programs allow participants to get instant feedback on their progress , achievements or aspects to improve. This motivates, involves and stimulates any person to acquire skills and use them in the best way.

Stimulate and encourage behavioral changes

The end result is not points, badges, badges and rankings. They are incentives that act on a superficial, not personal level. True gamification can drive strong behavioral changes , especially when combined with the psychological principles of repeated stimulus-reinforcement.

Response to multiple learning needs

Gamification can be used to meet most training needs , including onboarding, staff retraining, sales activities, customer support, soft skills development, awareness building, and compliance with corporate values.

Increase of company performance with a bottom-up process

The set of stimuli that positively impact the behavior and motivation of employees (better learning experience, greater acquisition and retention of new knowledge, catalyzing behavioral changes) lead to a significant increase in the performance of the entire organization.

Would you like to increase engagement, knowledge and productivity through new training experiences?

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Whappy e-learning gamification: we transform your problems into opportunities

Some of these problems and criticalities may be familiar to you and too difficult to overcome, especially in the delicate area of corporate training, but is this really the case?

I like the idea but it’s too complicated

If you don’t know where to start, we will provide you with initial strategic consulting support to help you understand how to start your e-learning project. We will also follow you throughout the training delivery process by providing you with digital applications with a modern , intuitive and easy to use interface.

My employees are not used to technology

The adoption rate of Whappy is on average over 90%. How can this be done? Technology is only part of our offer , any tool or application is only effective when it is used correctly. For this we exploit the techniques of Enterprise Gamification to generate involvement and high adoption rates of tools and processes.

My employees and I don’t want to waste time

We are aware of this, but what if we transform the waste of time into a game? This is why the platform integrates in real time objectives, processes and rewarding systems that are dynamically updated. Likewise, the monitoring phase takes place in real time on the basis of the data entered; without the need for static downloads. Just open an app on your Smartphone to update your e-learning program and evaluate the results.

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Does it really work?
Read the opinions of those who have chosen Whappy Srl

“… with the APP we have the best results in terms of engagement”

Antonio Costantini, Senior Partner Hi Skill Spa

“… of great strategic and operational value”

Claudio Martinolli, Marketing director Valtur Spa

“… Creative ideas and innovative projects set them apart from the competition”

Filippo Frati, Business Manager at Luxottica Group Spa

“… the results were extraordinary for the immediate adoption rate by the employees and for the commercial results”

Paolo Buttini, Retail Manager Bata Spa Italy

“… we did a promotion for our Acqua & Sapone and Tigotà stores. The service was impeccable, punctual and precise”

Lino Bortolozzo, Markting & promotion manager Tigotà

“The most you can ask for!”

Luigi Migliore, President & CEO Network Training srl

“Communication and speed in transmitting information to our employees are essential to drive digital change, this is how we have achieved double-digit growth”

Ajay Ramachandran, Country manager Bata Malaysia

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