Do you want to retain your best customers and increase sales? Enhance loyalty and customer retention thanks to gamification

Increase the retention rate of your customers by 5%
it can increase your profits by up to 95%.
(Source: Invespcro)

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Selling to a new customer can cost you up to 25 times more

According to a research by Inc., customers who have already purchased spend on average 67% more . That’s why fueling your customer loyalty is one of your organization’s top priorities.

If well-planned loyalty and reward programs end up supporting themselves economically , freeing up new resources for the acquisition of new customers.

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Quickly increase customer retention and customer loyalty

Your customers are no longer enough to simply buy products and services but are looking for an engaging omnichannel shopping experience.

It is the combined effects of digital disruption and phygital shopping experiences that make the boundaries between offline and online increasingly blurred.

In such a scenario, activating initiatives such as personalized discounts, fidelity cards or mobile apps without first thinking about how to engage your customers is the road to failure. The reason?

  • Overcrowding with non-engaging online technologies, apps and software.
  • Replication of inefficiencies and criticalities from offline to online (and vice versa).
  • Absence of instant feedback and measurement of irrelevant KPIs.

Most loyalty programs do not generate brand loyalty for the business but create loyalty to the best offer on the market. Do you want this?

To create loyalty to your brand you need to think from a loyalty 3.0 perspective where involvement, big data and gamification generate a completely new scenario.

Do you want to find out how you can retain your customers thanks to gamification and increase sales?

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Gamification as a powerful tool to increase customer loyalty

KPMG states that 80% of consumers prefer a flexible and dynamic system of surprises and unexpected privileges over a pre-written path and forced stages.

What does it mean?

The correct use of data, associated with motivation and gamification techniques creates the ideal scenario to enhance the value of a brand’s customer loyalty and increase sales.

Because gamification enhances customer loyalty

Create an emotional connection with the brand
Activate the participation of people and involve them
Activate long-term relationships based on trust and loyalty (not on price)

It surpasses the concept of “mercenary” loyalty. Go from convenience loyalty to corporate cult loyalty and create a win-win relationship with your customers.

It starts now!

What solutions we offer you to increase customer loyalty and customer retention

We support you in creating campaigns and loyalty programs in a very short time, without setting limits to your project.

We take advantage of technology and gamification to create completely customizable platforms, frameworks and initiatives , through customized digital solutions with a high degree of usability.

All our solutions include monitoring systems that will allow you to collect data that you can integrate with your CRM to more effectively manage marketing and sales campaigns.

Why does Whappy work better than plug and play apps?

  • Total customization

    Implement and implement any loyalty and rewarding program without technological or functional limits.

  • Quick implementation

    A customized solution allows you a faster and more immediate time to market. Time is always money.

  • Real-time monitoring

    Validate new KPIs and monitor them in real time by leveraging the involvement of gamification.

  • Maximum integration with existing applications

    Your loyalty and loyalty programs will be seamlessly integrated with your CRM and any business platform.

  • Flexible construction costs

    Take advantage of only the features you really need and avoid paying for what is useless.

Why wait? Start planning your loyalty program now.

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Take the concept of loyalty and rewarding to a higher level

Extend the concept of loyalty and rewarding to increase the productivity of your employees.

Gamification is a powerful tool to motivate and reward your people and increase their performance in any project (sales, loyalty, incentive).

Monitor and measure in real time all the KPIs you set. Focus on the most important information about your people and take action in real time with timely corrective measures.

Make productivity growth objective, retaining your collaborators and promoting team building, sharing, aggregation and healthy competition.

Whats motivates sales team in a sales contest?

How Whappy can increase the productivity and performance of your employees


Deliver training effectively and efficiently, simplifying the process and making it more engaging.


It supports and monitors sales in real time, both by point of sale and by retail network.


Synergistically manage all the marketing activities of your stores, optimizing overall performance.

Loyalty and rewarding programs

Quickly implement incentive and reward systems based on productivity and responsibility.

Integrated processes and communication

Optimize and automate communications and processes between hq, district manager, store manager and sales staff.

Real-time monitoring

Make the most of the potential of people analytics. Track your team’s capacity, productivity and performance in real time.

Why wait? Start planning your loyalty program now.

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Are you interested in our proposal but you don’t know where to start? We are here for this

If you don’t know where to start, we will provide you with strategic consulting support to help you understand how to start any loyalty initiative for your customers or employees.

We have chosen to enhance gamification because it creates a highly engaging experience and transforms complexity into simplicity.

You will never run the risk of depending on too complex technologies that increase inefficiencies and management problems.

We will follow you throughout the development and implementation process of your rewarding or loyalty project, supporting its continuous growth and performance.


Does it really work?
Read the opinions of those who have chosen Whappy Srl

“… with the APP we have the best results in terms of engagement”

Antonio Costantini, Senior Partner Hi Skill Spa

“… of great strategic and operational value”

Claudio Martinolli, Marketing director Valtur Spa

“… Creative ideas and innovative projects set them apart from the competition”

Filippo Frati, Business Manager at Luxottica Group Spa

“… the results were extraordinary for the immediate adoption rate by the employees and for the commercial results”

Paolo Buttini, Retail Manager Bata Spa Italy

“… we did a promotion for our Acqua & Sapone and Tigotà stores. The service was impeccable, punctual and precise”

Lino Bortolozzo, Markting & promotion manager Tigotà

“The most you can ask for!”

Luigi Migliore, President & CEO Network Training srl

“Communication and speed in transmitting information to our employees are essential to drive digital change, this is how we have achieved double-digit growth”

Ajay Ramachandran, Country manager Bata Malaysia

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