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OKR VS KPI: methods and tools for a successful performance management project

10 March, 2023|

What is performance management Performance management is a fundamental process for companies that aim to improve the performance of their employees and increase the overall effectiveness and efficiency of [...]

Strategic guide to change management: how to lead it successfully

25 June, 2019|

Change management can be defined as the set of planned activities aimed at managing change in companies. The path is particularly articulated and complex, as it has a strong impact on the [...]

Guide to corporate digitalization: scenario, strategies and resources

17 June, 2019|

In recent years, the international and Italian managerial debate has focused a lot on theme of corporate digitalization, describing in the first place i emerging phenomena (for example new business models, new [...]

The most effective strategies to motivate and improve your salesforce

30 April, 2019|

If you are a director or sales manager, you'll probably know that managing people and sales teams is not an easy task. Your decisions determine the effectiveness and the motivation levels of [...]

Is Enterprise Gamification just a myth or an effective business strategy? Here is the answer.

17 April, 2019|

In recent years, gamification has acquired an important role: it is a technique which applies gaming principles and mechanics in non-recreational contexts. However, Enterprise Gamification (i.e. gamification strategies in a business environment) [...]

How and why E-learning will revolutionise the concept of company training

22 March, 2019|

Much hope and many expectations are concentrated on E-learning, it being one of the sectors of ICT (Information Communication Technology) with the highest growth margins, and where huge [...]

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