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According to Censuswide , digitization would save 3.5 days of work per month . However, 70% of digital transformation processes fail due to lack of employee involvement.

At Whappy we take advantage of enterprise gamification to directly link employee motivation, involvement and training to corporate performance.

Watch the video to understand how we can support you in increasing your sales and revenue thanks to your people.

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Digitize your sales network and increase its performance thanks to Retail Enterprise Gamification

The retail industry has reached a real “digital turning point”. While online sales are increasing 10% per year , sales in brick-and-mortar stores are stagnating. This gap between digital and physical will only increase in the coming years. However, the problem is not just about the growing competitiveness of eCommerce.

Retailers must respond to emerging consumer needs and embrace a world where experience is of the essence. To do this, you need to better coordinate your people and adopt the typical efficiencies of retail 5.0 in a widespread manner.

Customers, thanks to online, are smarter than ever in their purchasing decisions : they research products online, check availability, read reviews, look for the best prices, all before investing time or money.

This means that the purchase takes on a deeper dimension in every aspect: the overall experience, the personalization, the branding, the story.

The shift in consumer behavior is a unique opportunity for retailers to reposition brick-and-mortar stores and become the epicenter of the customer experience, leveraging digital channels to personalize offerings and drive consumers to the point of sale. There will be a breakeven point, in fact, where the physical experience will have a considerable payback , physicality and relationships will be the strategic asset that will guide the evolution of every retail network.

If you manage a retail network , your mission today is to create the perfect synergy between digital activities and physical sales processes to increase productivity, sales and revenue. In one word, the retail scenario will increasingly be that of Phygital.

Our goal is to provide you with all the tools you need to accelerate innovation and transform the whole approach to work , making it more productive, more stimulating and more effective. This is the core of our Retail Enterprise Gamification solutions for managing retail networks.

We will help you generate a sense of accomplishment in your sales team , stimulate the actions necessary to achieve the objectives and increase efficiency and productivity.

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Digitize, innovate and improve your retail network with Whappy

We develop customized digital solutions to support digitalization in companies with complex and structured organizations.We use Enterprise Gamification as a catalyst for improvement processes , exponentially increasing the rate of adoption and engagement of the entire team involved. In this way , all the activities and the people who carry them out will naturally flow into a digital application “or soft app”, breaking down communication barriers relating to company functions and roles.

There are no application limits: from the sharing of information to the onboarding of new hires, from the correct use of CRM and company software to the monitoring of KPIs and objectives, up to the continuous training of your sales staff.

We use Enterprise Gamification, enhancing factors and behavioral drivers typical of “Game Design” , in retail work contexts for:

  • Increase the productivity and engagement of your sales teams.
  • Activate employee incentive and reward processes based on productivity and responsibility.
  • Strengthen and encourage the correct use of existing software (CRM, management, POS).
  • Digitize retail sales processes faster.
  • Identify and map new KPIs for performance monitoring.
  • Facilitate the onboarding process and train new employees.
  • Increase the speed and quality of Customer Service and Customer Care services.
  • Accelerate the acquisition of new customers in the store.
  • Increase customer retention and loyalty rates.
  • Induce employee social advocacy by turning your employees into publishers.
  • Reward and incentivize your employees based on results and virtuous behavior.

Whappy for Bata Malaysia: watch the interview with Store excellency manager (KPI) Sarutphan Sirikunaphichat “

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A new and complete tool to redefine traditional retail management

There is often a tendency to isolate employee training and motivation from the sales performance analyzes obtained. Our retail gamification solutions, on the other hand, combine these elements perfectly thanks to the high rate of engagement and involvement by all users.

70% of digital transformation processes fail due to lack of employee involvement
Source: Gartner

Only in this way will you be able to identify priority areas of action with the necessary precision , make strategic decisions and develop more effective training programs for your sales people.

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Whats motivates sales team in a sales contest?

How we will enhance your retail network

Our Retail Enterprise Gamification platforms are not just apps. They are digital solutions customized for each market and company structure.

We design our platforms with a Design Thinking methodology to give absolute centrality, in every design phase, to the end users. Only in this way is it possible to more easily identify critical issues and innovative solutions, significantly reducing development and adoption times. Our starting point is always business objectives and people , only in this way is it possible to successfully digitize and optimize any retail business.

Productivity increase of the sales team

Gamification will facilitate the engagement, empowerment and incentive of your employees. Over time, a strong proactive attitude and staff growth will be activated, with a consequent increase in productivity and turnover.

Greater coordination

Quickly and easily manage all the activities related to the sales, field marketing, day by day and promotion processes within your stores. Communicate with your store managers to transmit updates and corrective actions in real time in a timely and widespread manner.

Continuous and stimulating training

Build dynamic training courses that can adapt to the different figures involved (store managers, sales managers and sales staff). This will allow you to strengthen and root your skills and soft-skills in your team.

Increase sales in your retail outlets

Whappy allows you to support and monitor sales in real time , both by point of sale and in aggregate. It will be easier to coordinate all the activities related to the visual merchandising and marketing of your stores, thus optimizing overall performance.

Continuous monitoring and feedback

You will be able to monitor in real time, through relevant KPIs, performance and implement timely corrective actions. In this way you will be able to more easily optimize and automate the processes between HQ, district manager, store manager and employees.

Immediate implementation and integration

You don’t have to change the way your retail network works with software or new digital applications. All our solutions are based on cloud systems and ready to integrate with corporate software such as CRM, POS management systems and corporate e-learning platforms.

We offer you a complete, easy and immediate tool to digitize and enhance your retail network ensuring, thanks to the high engagement rate, that the sales objectives are achieved in a natural way thanks to the work of your team.

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How Enterprise Gamification redefines traditional retail management

motivare e incentivare la rete vendita

Gamification is not just a game (in fact it rarely directly concerns games).

We can define it as the application of factors typical of “Game Design” to work contexts, therefore not playful.

We leverage these drivers, combined with the customization of digital solutions , to create a highly engaging experience and to transform complexity into simplicity.

You will have a single and powerful digital tool to:

  • Exponentially increase the usage rates of your management and CRM software.
  • Reduce the ambiguity of sales processes, making it easier to update and share information.
  • Respond to the training needs of your employees, increasing the assimilation and rooting of knowledge.
  • Increase salespeople engagement, fostering innovation and team building.
  • Monitor performance in real time and deploy timely corrective actions.
  • Incentive and reward your team for sales or virtuous behavior
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A case of success: Whappy for BATA Italia and BATA Asia

Whappy supported BATA, the first company in Italy in footwear franchising, with a revolutionary project to push sales within stores throughout the Italian territory.

With Whappy BATA’s Gamification APP, it involved more than 1000 salespeople in almost 300 Italian stores, between operational levels and store managers, with the aim of retraining and motivating its sales network by enabling it to have a new capacity for customer retention, promotion and product consultancy.

Thanks to this first successful project, the gamification application has reached Southeast Asia , involving the markets of Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.

With Whappy, the retail 5.0 digitalization project was able to take shape and achieve, thanks to a Human-Capital-Management gamification solution, excellent levels of implementation of workforce organization processes , motivation, internal productivity, sales incentives, as well as promotion to the final customer.

The main results achieved:

  • Spontaneous adoption rate of the APP above 85%.
  • Average increase in productivity.
  • Double-digit average increase in turnover.
  • 50% reduction in implementation times for internal store processes.

“Communication and speed in the transmission of information to our employees are essential to drive digital change, this is how we have achieved double-digit growth”
Ajay Ramachandran, Country manager Bata Malaysia

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Whappy retail gamification:

Some of these questions may be familiar to you and sometimes finding the answer can be difficult, especially in the sensitive area of retail, but is this really the case?

Can I integrate Whappy with my management system?

Whappy integrates natively with the most used CRMs in the world , improving and encouraging their use. By synchronizing with your business platforms you will finally be able to make the most of the tools you already have, instead of wasting months of work and investments looking for new hybrid and low-performing solutions .

What if my team is not used to technology?

Whappy’s application adoption rate is over 90%. How is it possible? Technology is only one component of the offer , any application is effective only when it is used correctly. This is why we take advantage of Enterprise Gamification to achieve involvement and high adoption rates of processes and tools.

What if my team doesn’t have time?

integrating in real time objectives, processes and rewarding systems that are dynamically updated. Likewise, the monitoring phase takes place in real time on the basis of the data entered; without the need for static downloads.

Does it really work?
Read the opinions of those who have chosen Whappy Srl

“… the results were extraordinary for the immediate adoption rate by the employees and for the commercial results”

Paolo Buttini, Retail Manager Bata Spa Italy

“… we did a promotion for our Acqua & Sapone and Tigotà stores. The service was impeccable, punctual and precise”

Lino Bortolozzo, Markting & promotion manager Tigotà

“We now managed our sales force incentive program reward in real time through gamification methodology. We use whappy apps every day to engage with our in-store sales personal, it is definitely a good solution”

Sarutphan Sirikunaphichat, Store excellency manager (KPI)

“Communication and speed in transmitting information to our employees are essential to drive digital change, this is how we have achieved double-digit growth”

Ajay Ramachandran, Country manager Bata Malaysia

“We implemented whappy for our sales force productivity over 2 years ago. It boost effectiveness in communications, e-learnings, display planogram product set-up, promotion campaigns, KPI and sales performance”

Jamie Ooi, Head of ECommerce KPI Manager

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